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Kobitan is a location in The Wand of Gamelon.[1] Along with Aru Ainu and Sakado, it is one of the game's starting stages.

Features and Overview

Kobitan is a farming town settled in the northwest of Gamelon, within the island's agricultural region. It is a small settlement containing only two houses and a barn. The town has since become overrun by Moblin Spearthrowers, who appear to have chased out nearly the entire population, with the sole exception of the Hungry Girl. She is now starving as a result of the Moblins eating everything in town.[2]

The town is bordered by walls of stacked stone, where Zelda enters the settlement. The first house, where the Hungry Girl is found, is at first locked. Its Key is found inside the barn, where a Vire attacks Zelda in the darkness. Inside the Hungry Girl's house, the young woman expresses her desire for an Arpagos Egg. Upon bringing her one, she gives Zelda the Flute in exchange. The house next door is abandoned save for a pair of Moblins Spearthrowers who will attempt to throw spears at Zelda the moment she enters. A Lantern can be found sitting on one of the rafters, reachable by climbing the house's ladders.

A Triforce Map appears in the upstairs room of the Hungry Girl's house. Upon completion of the stage, Ahitaru is unlocked.

Minor Enemies


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