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Returns the proper plural form of a term for any given topic in The Legend of Zelda series. Terms are stored using Template:Term/Store.

Note: To return the singular form of a term, see Template:Term.


    {{Plural|<game> |<topic> |link |display= }}

  • <game> — The game from which to fetch the term of the given topic. Defaults to Series.
  • <topic> — The name of the page of said topic. (ex: Boss Key for Nightmare Key and Big Key)
  • link — Entering link in this field will output the result as a link.
  • display= — Alternative display return value. See below.


1{{Plural|Series|Big Key}} Nightmare Keys
2{{Plural|Series|Big Key|link}} Nightmare Keys
3{{Plural|ALttP|Big Key}} Big Keys
4{{Plural|ALttP|Big Key|link}} Big Keys
5{{Plural|LA|Big Key}} Nightmare Keys
6{{Plural|LA|Big Key|link}} Nightmare Keys
7{{Plural|LADX|Big Key}} Nightmare Keys
8{{Plural|LADX|Big Key|link}} Nightmare Keys
9{{Plural|TP|Big Key}} Big Keys
10{{Plural|TP|Big Key|link}} Big Keys
11{{Plural|TPHD|Big Key|display= Keys}} Keys
12{{Plural|TPHD|Big Key|link|display= Keys}} Keys
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