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Dany36 is gone.
Dany36 has left Zelda Wiki.

Hello, the name's Dany (short for Daniela), and I like to consider myself a frequent contributor here at Zelda Wiki. I'm a 24-year-old girl who currently resides in Coahuila, Mexico, and I've been a huge Zelda fan ever since I got Ocarina of Time for my 9th birthday, although I do not own all of the Zelda games (namely, OoX and TMC). I joined the Wiki on March 2009 to increase my knowledge of the series, as well as to contribute any knowledge I do have that hasn't been added already. Although I used to be a pretty active member of the Zelda Universe forums for a couple of months, my activity has decreased there in order to spend more time contributing to the Wiki.

I do a variety of work here. I'm either expanding articles, creating new pages, or doing some image work (which is usually just in-game screenshots). I also like adding references to all the pages I extensively work on, for I think that is one of the things that makes Zelda Wiki great, but sometimes I tend to overdo it with the references and add one for every little detail. I keep a To-Do List to help me remember which pages need help, as well as any big projects I'm currently working on.

Even though Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game thus far, I've beaten and completed Ocarina of Time more times than I can remember. I had too much free time when I was young, haha. I love to complete Zelda games as many times as I can to the point where knowing what to do next becomes second nature.

Game Times completed
TLoZ 5
TAoL 5
ALttP ~10
OoT ~82
MQ 2
MM ~31
OoA 3
OoS 1
FS 1
TWW ~17
FSA ~4
TP ~10
PH 2
ST 3
SS 3