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I read your comment about the connection between the wind crest and Ancient Robots crest in TMC and was impressed. How did you come to that?

But really, I wanted to show you related something for that. Reply back so I get an alert that you're still around! Servantofgod (talk) 07:27, 13 November 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Yo, still around. I haven't logged in for quite a while, but I got your message.

To be honest, I came to the connection when I saw that picture and remembered the official Timeline. Minish Cap is supposed to come next after Skyward Sword (currently), so

1) What happened to the Ancient Robots remains (including Scrapper) (and the Loftwings, the Parella, the Mogma, and the Kikwi) to make them disappear from the Zeldaverse after the events of Skyward Sword and before Minish Cap? And why were the Gorons spared?
2) The Wind Tribe is obviously a group of humanoids who want to return to The Sky... like their ancestors, right?

While I was thinking of that, I remembered this Wind Crest symbol and saw a striking similarity between these two emblems... So it begged the question, is there a connection? ~~Miles07 (talk) 20:24, 26 December 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I read your message on New Years, but am only getting around to replying now! That really makes a lot of sense, and I applaud you. I merely wanted to share another collection of information that this revelation in turn helped me come to. Particularly the third part.

-The Ancient Robots symbol looks like the Wind Crest from The Minish Cap, and together they both look like the last gylph of the Ancient Sky Book, which is Gaepora's Book but contains history about the surface. This means, that the book's "Character"/glyph must represent 'Wind' prior to the sky evauaction, in order for it to have changed to a different appearance in SS. Wind glyph > Ancient Robots symbol > TMC headstones symbol

There's also tMC concept art of Link in a desert, suggesting a wind/desert connection [pictured below]. Ancient Robots live here which explains why Mazaal is fought there in TMC.

The Sky Tribe are the builders of the Fortress of Winds, and left behind Mazaal as a guard before evacuating during the War of the Bound Chest. Similar to the way their ancestors left behind the Ancient Robots to look after the Surface during the Demise War.

The Sheikah may have an affinity for Wind like the Sky Tribe (or are the same). Proof: The Hero's Charm looks like a Cobble relic, and the Cobble are Sheikah (have a gift of foresight, are servants of the Ocean King, "Cobble" sounds like a sound a chicken makes and Cuccos exist in the Cobble world while they do not in the Great Sea). With this in mind: The Fortress of Winds boss Mazaal is called "Eox" in Japan, like PH's boss, who is fought in Mutoh's Temple, king of the Cobbles (the royalty are named after the carpenters, another Kakariko connection). The Mask of Truth looks like the Wind Symbol sans the eyelashes. Servantofgod (talk) 17:22, 2 January 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Hmm, it does raise more questions... Regarding Skyward Sword, where ARE the Sheikah? We know Impa is one of them, but she's from the ancient past. Are there no Sheikah during the "present" of Skyward Sword? Meaning, Old Impa would be the last one?

Then how do they exist again during the era of Ocarina of Time?

And where are they during The Minish Cap?

You're saying that the Sheikah might be living on during The Minish Cap as the Wind Tribe. Given that King Gustaf has the means to interface with them, a.k.a. the Gold Kinstone piece used at Veil Falls, and that the Sheikah are meant to be personal guards and servants of the Royal Family, this is certainly possible. But during the time between Minish Cap and Ocarina of Time, they would have had to abandon The Sky and return to the surface in order to retake their legacy as the Sheikah, who had at this time only previously existed long before Skyward Sword.

Also, in keeping with your Cobble connection... Cuccos exist in the Cobble Kingdom, and the Oocca (whose name are VERY similar to Cucco) are said to be close to the original inhabitants of the City in the Sky (the last of whom were the Wind Tribe), so your connections there go full circle.

Sheikah > Hero's Charm > Cobble Kingdom, Cobble Kingdom > Cuccos > Oocca > City in the Sky > Palace of Winds > Wind Tribe, Cobble Kingdom > Eox > Mazaal > Fortress of Winds > Wind Tribe, Cobble Kingdom > Mutoh > Carpenters > Kakariko Village > Sheikah

Perhaps, then, the Sheikah and the Wind Tribe come from the same lineage, despite the fact that they look and act so differently. The Wind Tribe never seem to do anything magic-related, and the Sheikah are very magic-based. The Wind Tribe all have red hair, the Sheikah vary. The Wind Tribe have bright, flowing robes and unmasked faces, the Sheikah usually wear tighter, black clothing and veils. The Wind Tribe have their Wind affinity, the Sheikah use Shadow. The Wind Tribe have their Palace of Winds and the Fortress of Winds, which cover Wind and Earth elements; the Sheikah have the Shadow Temple... which, being underground, can also have an Earth element to it.

So, the Fortress of Winds == the Shadow Temple? That would mean that eventually, Castor Wilds would need to dry up and disappear, and Kakariko Village would be founded therein, and partly in the Wind Ruins. ~~Miles07 (talk) 18:58, 2 January 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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But during the time between Minish Cap and Ocarina of Time, they would have had to abandon The Sky and return to the surface in order to retake their legacy as the Sheikah, who had at this time only previously existed long before Skyward Sword

Unless they, the Sheikah who turned Wind Tribe, evolved into the Ooccoo. Join me on tcrf's chat, since further discussion here is going to hog the changes feed, and lead to more notices like that ^ Servantofgod (talk)