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Why, hello! Didn't see you there. Name's Miles07, and I'm an avid Zelda fan. You must be, too, otherwise you wouldn't be on this site! I just pop in now and again to check on information, such as strategies and theories. You might see me posting clarifying details on Hyrule Warriors, or discussing changes to make this site's GUI more 21st-Century. Hope to see you around!

~~Miles07 (talk) 17:04, 27 May 2015 (UTC)

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Game Completion

Because it seems that everyone else is doing it...

Game Completed (Credits) Second Quest (if applicable) 100%
The Legend of Zelda Yes Yes Yes
The Adventure of Link Yes Yes Yes
A Link to the Past Yes Yes Yes
Link's Awakening Yes (LADX) Yes Yes
Ocarina of Time Yes Yes Yes
Majora's Mask Yes n/a Yes
Oracle of Ages Yes Yes Yes
Oracle of Seasons Yes Yes Yes
Four Swords Yes (FSAE)
The Wind Waker No No No
Four Swords Adventures Yes n/a Yes
The Minish Cap Yes n/a Yes
Twilight Princess Yes (TPHD) Yes
Link's Crossbow Training No n/a No
Phantom Hourglass No n/a No
Spirit Tracks No n/a No
Ocarina of Time 3D No No No
Skyward Sword No No No
The Wind Waker HD No No No
A Link Between Worlds Yes Yes
Hyrule Warriors Yes (HWL) No
Majora's Mask 3D No n/a No