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The "Song of Birds" is a song in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Location and Uses

The song is played on Link's Spirit Flute. When played, the song attracts a large bird carrying what appears to be a trapeze, which Link can grab onto with the Snake Whip to be carried by the bird.[2] It can alternatively be used to attract nearby Cuccos to carry one of them and beat obstacles with its help. The song will also entice nearby Crows to leave their perch and attack Link. If Link plays this song near a dove, it will land and stay on his head until he rolls, carries something on his head or enters another room. If Link plays this near Cuccos, they will form a line and follow him.

It is learned in Papuchia Village by playing the Song of Discovery in front of the lone palm tree by the Wise One's house. After Link plays it, the birds that are carrying the Lokomo sage Carben will set him down in front of the young hero and Princess Zelda in order to help them on their quest.[2]


Names in Other Regions
鳥使いの唄 (Tori-tsukai no Uta)[5]Song of Using Birds
Chant de l'oiseau[9]Bird's song
The French Republic
Chant des oiseaux[7]Birds' song
The Federal Republic of Germany
Vogelruf[6]Bird call
The Italian Republic
  • Il Richiamo[3]
  • Melodia del Richiamo[4]
Latin America
Cantar del ave[8]Bird's chant
The Kingdom of Spain
Cantar del aveBird's chant
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