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The Freebie Card is an Item in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.[1]

Location and Uses

Phantom Hourglass

When Link obtains 20 points on his Membership Card, Beedle will write him a Letter to inform him of his new Silver Card and rewards him with a Freebie Card.[2] When Link uses the Freebie Card at Beedle's Shop Ship, he will be able to obtain a free Item.[3]

If Link boards Beedle's Shop Ship with a Freebie Card in his Inventory, Beedle asks if he would like to use it.[4] When Link agrees to use it, Beedle will take the Card from him, at which point Link is able to take one Item from his display for free.[5] Afterwards, Beedle thanks him for using his Freebie Card.[6]

Spirit Tracks

After joining the Beedle Member's Club, Link can obtain the Freebie Card when he becomes a Silver Member.[7] The Freebie Card allows Link to redeem it in exchange for one free Item.[8]


Names in Other Regions
タダの券 (Tada no Ken) (PH)[11]Free ticket
The French Republic
  • Bon Gratuit (PH)[19]
  • Coupon-cadeau (ST)[20]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Gratisticket (PH | ST)[12][13] 
The Italian Republic
Biglietto omaggio (PH | ST)[9][10]Free ticket
Latin America
  • Cupón de Regalo (PH)[18]
  • Cupón de regalo (ST)[17]
The Kingdom of Spain
Cupón de regalo (PH | ST)[21] 
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