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The following articles (or sections within articles) relating to Four Swords Anniversary Edition are in general need of improvement. They may be poorly written, disorganized, unprofessional, or otherwise not up to Zelda Wiki's quality standards. These articles require general clean up and fixes throughout a large area of the article, and in some cases complete rewrites may be required. This category is hidden from view in the mainspace.

More articles can be added to this list by tagging them with the {{Improve}} template, which should be formatted as "{{Improve|<date>|FSAE}}," or by tagging them with the {{Tone}} template if the problem is with the article's formallity and style, which should be formatted as "{{Tone|<type>|FSAE}}." (For examples on what to enter for <type>, see here.) When a article on this list is fixed, be sure to remove the template from the article to remove it from this category.

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