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Lords of the Horde are Bosses and Enemies in Hyrule Warriors.[1]


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Lords of the Horde are Captains commonly found with other Enemies. Lords of the Horde in Adventure Mode are typically accompanied by dark Captains of the same type as them. For example, Dark Gibdos will appear alongside Gibdo Lords of the Horde. These Lords will absorb their dark counterparts after a certain amount of time[how many?] and become more powerful, restoring all of their health.

Lords of the Horde can also be found in Giant Battle in Ganon's Fury mode. These Lords of the Horde are Giant Bosses accompanied by two other Giant Bosses. The Giant Bosses accompanying them are each of different types for King Dodongo, Gohma, Manhandla, and Argorok Lords of the Horde, or two The Imprisoneds for The Imprisoned Lords of the Horde. Giant Boss Lords of the Horde are stronger than standard Giant Bosses and will always drop their respective Boss Attack Item when killed.

List of Lords of the Horde

Ganon's Fury


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