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This article is about the location in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. For other uses, see Pirate Ship.

The Ghost Pirate Ship,(OoA)[1] also known as the Pirates' Ship,(OoS)[2] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed] It is staffed by the Cap'n and his crew of Piratians.


Oracle of Seasons

The well-being of the Pirates' Ship directly influences Link's passage to the Graveyard and the Explorer's Crypt, the penultimate dungeon in Oracle of Seasons. While sailing to Holodrum, a large storm strands the bow of the ship in the Samasa Desert and the stern in Subrosia, near the Subrosia Seaside.[3][4] The Cap'n does not give the orders to fix the damaged ship until Link finds and polishes the Rusty Bell,[5][6] a relic from the Cap'n's love, Queen Ambi,[7][8][9] that was lost in the storm.[10] Link finds the rusted bell in the Samasa Desert, has it polished by the Subrosian Smithy,[11] and returns it the Cap'n. The Cap'n motivates his crew to fix the ship's damage[12] and drives the ship out of Subrosia towards the Western Coast of Holodrum. The ship docks at the Western Coast, allowing Link passage to the Graveyard and the Explorer's Crypt.[13]

Oracle of Ages

The unforgiving Sea of Storms[14] stalls the Ghost Pirate Ship abreast a ring of whirlpools in the past era of Oracle of Ages.[15] The Cap'n tells Link that the Sea of Storms disrupted his return voyage from Holodrum,[16] and that the Zora Scale is a powerful charm capable of calming these seas.[17] After Link gives the Cap'n the Zora Scale, the Cap'n declares he and his crew are off to Holodrum once again.[18] The Cap'n presents Link the Tokay Eyeball as a token of gratitude, before departing.[19]

Other Appearances

Oracle of Ages (Himekawa)

Most of the manga's Chapter 7, The Pirate Captain, takes place on the Ghost Pirate Ship. It is first shown as Link and Ralph cling to their raft during a storm. The two are rescued and brought aboard.[20] It is here that Link and Ralph meet the Captain and learn about his past. The Ship itself is not shown again until the Captain sets course for Labrynna,[21] making the vessel fight against the storm it has been trapped in for years.[22] After a battle on the deck, the Captain allows Link and Ralph to leave the Ghost Pirate Ship.[23] It is last seen disappearing into the storm.


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