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This is a variant of the {{Cite}} template that is to be used when you're pulling a quote or information from a web page or document (such as a PDF file). This is to be used to cite sources and should be used within <ref></ref> tags. Please read Guidelines:References for more information.


Blank code:

<ref>{{Cite Web|quote= |author= |title= |url= |archive= |published= |retrieved= |site= |type= }}</ref>


  • Quote — The quoted text from the site.
  • Author — The name or username of the person who posted or published the text.
  • Title — The title of the article or document.
  • URL — The direct URL to the page in question. Try to limit the amount of redirects a URL uses.
  • Archive — A link to a web archive of the webpage. This ensures that any information on the webpage that is changed (or lost) in the future can be cross-referenced with the web archive of how the webpage looked when the information was cited on the wiki article.
  • Published — The date the text was posted or published in "Month Day, Year" format.
  • Retrieved — The date the article was accessed for the reference. (Use "July 14, 2024" for today)
  • Site — The name of the site that the article or document is hosted on (eg. IGN, Nintendo.com, YouTube, etc.)
  • Type — The type of page you're linking to, if it is not a regular HTML page. You should then say in this field what type of document it is (eg. "PDF File," "Word Document," "Video," "PNG Image," etc.)

Make sure to surround this template with <ref></ref> tags so it gets put into a box like this: [1].


{{Cite Web|url= https://www.zeldapedia.wiki|title= Main Page|site=Zelda Wiki}}
Main Page , Zelda Wiki.
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{{Cite Web|quote= Hello world!|author= John Smith|title= Hello!|url= https://zeldapedia.wiki/wiki/Template:Cite_Web|published= May 13, 2001|retrieved= July 24, 2009|site= Zelda Wiki}}
"Hello world!" — John Smith, Hello! , Zelda Wiki, published May 13, 2001, retrieved July 24, 2009.
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{{Cite Web|quote= The loach appears after Link consecutively enters the pond and PAYS the fishing fee of 20 Rupees THREE times|author= Zelda Wiki|published= August 21, 2011|retrieved= November 23, 2022|url= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiXXDuNKiqI|archive= https://web.archive.org/web/20201123055142/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiXXDuNKiqI|title= How to catch the Hylian Loach in Ocarina of Time|site= YouTube|type= Video}}
"The loach appears after Link consecutively enters the pond and PAYS the fishing fee of 20 Rupees THREE times" — Zelda Wiki, How to catch the Hylian Loach in Ocarina of Time (web archive), YouTube (Video), published August 21, 2011, retrieved November 23, 2022.
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