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This article is about the Item in Tears of the Kingdom. For other uses, see Gallery (Disambiguation).

Galleries are Room Units in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Location and Uses

Galleries are Room Units sold by Grantéson for 400 Rupees.[2] After purchasing one, Link can use Ultrahand to add it to his House as part of Hudson Construction's Dream Home service. If a Gallery goes unused following construction, Grantéson will store it for Link.[3] Galleries feature an Empty Frame, which Grantéson can decorate with any Picture from Link's Album.[1][4] Once Link decides on a Picture, Grantéson will ask him to confirm his choice.[5][6] After finishing his painting, Grantéson declares it a masterpiece and tells Link to enjoy it.[7] It is impossible to remove Pictures in the Empty Frames once they are painted.


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