Strange Brothers' House

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The Strange Brothers' House is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Features and Overview

The Strange Brothers' House is a House in southwestern Subrosia, just north of the House of Pirates. It consists of two portions: one the size of a standard House, with a red roof and entered via a small landbridge over a Lava lake, and a smaller second portion conjoined to the first that opens into the Treasure Grove.

Inside the large portion is a small pool of Lava, four Jars, and a table and chairs. Whenever Link enters the Strange Brothers' House, the Strange Brothers that live there will be just leaving in order to bury treasure in the Treasure Grove.[2] One Brother will always warn the other to flee if they are seen.[3] Link may then leave through the smaller and empty second portion of the House to follow the Strange Brothers and dig up their treasure. Should he be seen, they will indeed flee,[4] and Link will be transported back to the exit of the Strange Brothers' House. The Strange Brothers will then resume their hunt for a place to bury their treasure.[5][6]


  • The Strange Brothers' House is the only House in the game with an exterior that visually spans two screens.


  Names in Other Regions  
Casa dei Fratelli Strani[7]Same as English.
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