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The Badge Market is a store in the Bazaar where Warriors may be strengthened by Badges in Hyrule Warriors.[1]

Features and Overview

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To create a Badge within the Badge Market, a Warrior must have both the appropriate Materials and a sufficient amount of Rupees.[2] There are three types of Badges:

Attack Badges, which specialize in building attack combinations, diminishing an enemy's health and defense through secondary effects, or boosting the length of Focus Spirit and the Special Attack gauge.

Defense Badges, which specialize in boosting a Warrior's defensive fortitude and restoring a Warrior's health.

Assist Badges, which aid in swiftly taking Keeps as well as lengthening the duration of powered-up items.

Certain Badges must be crafted in a certain order before another Badge can be crafted, in a layout that takes the form of a ladder. Usually a weaker version of a Badge must be crafted first before the enhanced, stronger version can be crafted. For example, the Stamina Fruit I Badge must be crafted before the Stamina Fruit II Badge. Certain Badges will also branch out to other Badges once they are crafted, allowing those Badges to also be crafted once the appropriate ingredients are collected.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, new Assist Badges were added to extend the duration of power-ups for the new Hammer item.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom EnglishUK Badge Market
Japan Japanese バッジ屋 (Bajji Ya) Badge Shop
Netherlands Dutch Badgemarkt
Canada FrenchCA Kiosque aux badges
France FrenchEU Badgerie
Germany German Medaillenschmiede
Italy Italian Negozio di stemmi
Korea Korean 배지가게 (Baeji Gage) Badge Shop
Portugal PortugueseEU Loja de insígnias
Russia Russian Магазин Значков (Magazin Znachkov)
Spain SpanishEU Tienda de insignias
Latin America SpanishLA Tienda de insignias


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