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Special Attacks are powerful attacks in Hyrule Warriors[1] and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.


All Special Attacks can be performed by filling the Special Attack Gauge, then pressing the Special Attack button (X-Button).

Hyrule Warriors

The Special Attack Gauge may be filled by either defeating enemies, by collecting Force Fragments dropped by breaking yellow Pots or by defeating certain enemies, by drinking a Purple Potion or greater. Every Weapon class in the game has a different Special Attack, each with unique animations, with different Elemental Effects applied to the attacks and striking different ranges around the Warrior. If a Warrior executes a Special Attack while under the effects of Focus Spirit, a Focus Spirit Attack will instead be performed, which is a much more powerful attack that instantly exposes the Weak Point Gauges of nearby enemies, at the cost of immediately ending the Focus Spirit.

Two types of Badges affect Special Attacks in Hyrule Warriors — the Din's Fire Badge and the Fierce Deity's Mask Badge. The former speeds up the rate at which the Gauge fills, while the latter increases the number of segments the Special Attack Gauge has, first to two, then to three with versions I and II, respectively. As performing a Special Attack will only consume one segment, the extra segments can allow a Warrior to use the attack in rapid succession. To unlock the Fierce Deity's Mask Badge, Warriors must first craft Din's Fire II. Additionally, if the Twilight Princess DLC Pack has been purchased, Warriors may use the Apothecary to create a Mixture that will cause the Special Attack Gauge to continually refill, for the cost of 200 Bronze Materials and 50,000 Rupees.

Adventure Mode battles in certain DLC Packs have specific ways to alter the Warrior's Special Attack Gauge. In certain battles affected by Twilight in Adventure Mode's Twilight Map of the Twilight Princess DLC Pack, the Warrior is restricted from using Special Attacks. No Force Fragments will appear, and defeating enemies will not fill the Special Attack Gauge.[2] The Twilight, however, can be cleared from these battles with a Tears of Light Item Card.[3] As well, in the Termina Map of the Majora's Mask DLC Pack, using a Majora's Mask Item Card will fully charge the Special Attack Gauge for one battle only.[4]

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Unlike in Hyrule Warriors, there is no item pickups that fill up Special Attack bars, as well as a lack of Focus Spirit, forcing players to fight to get their Special Attacks. To make up for it, unleashing a Special Attack reveals the enemies' Weak-Point Gauge.

As Quests serve as a replacement for the Badge Shop, completing certain Quests for certain Warriors will increase their Special Attack Gauge counts. In particular, the late game Quest "Inner Knowing" improves the recovery rate of the Special-Attack-Gauge.

Cooking certain dishes in the Cooking menu before combat maps can help by either increasing the base Special charge rate of a given Warrior or by increasing it with each KO. Additionally, certain Weapon Seals exist that help with the cumulation of Special bar progress.

Force Fragment

HW Force Fragment Model.png

Force Fragments are yellow, pyramid-shaped fragments that increase a Warrior's Special Attack Gauge when collected.[5] Force Fragments come in three sizes — a small fragment that fills a third of the Special Attack, a medium-sized fragment that completely fills one gauge and a large fragment that fully fills all gauge segments. Small fragments may be dropped by cutting grass or defeating certain enemies, usually Captains. Medium-sized fragments may also be dropped by defeating Captains or by breaking yellow Pots found inside Keeps. Large fragments can also be found by breaking the yellow Pots. In certain Adventure Mode battles, large fragments will also be dropped by defeating Triforce Transport Captains.

Special Attacks

Hyrule Warriors / Legends / Definitive Edition

Character Weapon Description
Link Hylian Sword Link readies his sword in preparation, then charges forward in a Spin Attack. This attack is a directional attack, with some reach behind Link at the start of the attack.
Magic Rod Link points the Magic Rod skyward, releasing a fiery dragon as it opens that corkscrews ahead for a moderate distance. The attack can hit enemies behind Link as the dragon coils behind him, but unlike the Hylian Sword's Special Attack, the Magic Rod's does not move him forward.
Great Fairy The Great Fairy takes to the sky, where the Moon lies. She directs it to the ground, where it crushes enemies below it. The attack deals damage in a circular area ahead of the Great Fairy.
Gauntlets Link slams the iron ball into the ground, then jumps into the air. Pulling it, Link briefly flips the world upside-down, causing it to slam back into place and damage enemies nearby. This attack damages a moderate range in all directions around Link.
Master Sword The Master Sword shares its Special Attack with the Hylian Sword. Link readies the Master Sword, then performs a spinning dash forward, damaging enemies ahead and a small range behind him as well as propelling him forward.
Horse Link raises his sword skyward, then charges forward on Epona. After a short distance, Epona then halts, and Link delivers one final slash to the enemies carried forward with him. This attack is directly ahead of Link, with an extra hit at the end.
Spinner Link sends two Spinners ahead to the right and left of him, then charges forward on a third, knocking the first two ahead in their respective directions and blasting lightning straight ahead of Link. This attack hits a range directly ahead of Link.
Impa Giant Blade The camera zooms in behind Impa as she closes in on her targets. The screen turns dark until it is almost black - aside from Impa who slashes, 'cutting' the screen back open and damaging foes. This attack hits in a wedge shape ahead of Impa.
Naginata Impa holds the Naginata straight up, then twirls it. A red circle of arcane symbols appears on the ground, drawing enemies in as several blades rise from the sky and a pupil-less Sheikah eye appears in the air above the center. The eye gains its pupil as the blades crash down on the enemies. This attack hits a very wide, circular area ahead of Impa.
Sheik Harp Sheik hovers over the ground, while several floating crystal harps float in a ring around her. She strums the harp, causing a rainbow ring of light to expand and contract, bouncing enemies in and out. The final strum flings enemies away. This attack deals damage in wide circle around Sheik, and carries no Element.
Lana Book of Sorcery Lana creates six magic walls, then jumps between them, damaging enemies along the way. When she reaches the end, she turns to face the walls and destroys them, damaging enemies inside and nearby. This attack damages enemies in a rectangular area a short distance ahead of Lana.
Spear Lana stabs the Spear into the ground, causing a number of root-like tendrils to emerge. They soon form into a miniature version of the Deku Tree, while Lana mysteriously disappears and reappears sitting on a branch. She hops off and waves to it before it vanishes, dropping the foes it collected. This attack damages a circular area ahead of Lana.
Summoning Gate Three circular rings hover in front of Lana, rotating like gears for a few seconds. One large gate appears on the ground in front of her, and an enormous Cucco emerges, then charges forwards until it disappears, while Lana floats down from a jump holding a normal-sized Cucco. This attack damages a circular area in front of Lana, and a path far ahead as well.
Zelda Rapier Zelda summons the Bow of Light into her hands, drawing back a Light Arrow towards the foes ahead, and fires, before her Rapier returns to her hand. This attack deals damage for a long, rectangular range ahead of Zelda.
Baton Zelda summons eight tornadoes, bringing in four from the right and four from the left, and closing in on enemies ahead of her. With one final flick of the Baton, she creates a large updraft that knocks enemies away. This attack damages enemies in a circular range ahead of Zelda.
Dominion Rod Zelda summons an Owl Statue from the ground a short distance away, knocking enemies into the air. The attack then summons a hammer-wielding statue, which swings its mallet like a baseball bat, sending the enemies far into the distance while Zelda peers to see how far they flew. This attack hits a circular area in front of Zelda.
Ganondorf Great Swords Ganondorf raises the sword in his right-hand skyward, summoning a bolt of lightning from the sky. Several more lightning bolts strike in a line ahead of him, then he slashes horizontally, firing the collected lightning ahead.
Trident Ganondorf throws his Trident forward, hitting the group of enemies in front of him and dragging them along. He then hovers, taking altitude while charging a ball of lightning energy in his hand, which he then throws into the Trident, causing a huge explosion. This attack hits enemies immediately in front of Ganondorf, and also those caught in the explosion.
Darunia Hammer After doing a quick dance to get pumped up, Darunia swings his Hammer down onto his foes four times. The final strike creates a small explosion ahead of him. This attack does damage in a small range ahead of Darunia and carries the Fire Element, making the thrown enemies take additional damage as they land.
Ruto Zora Scale Ruto winks to the camera, then forms a pool of water on the ground around her, which quickly turns into a whirlpool as she swims around in it. After a few seconds, the whirlpool shifts into a watery twister, before exploding and throwing enemies outwards. This attack damages enemies in a circular range around Ruto, and carries the Water Element.
Agitha Parasol Agitha floats into the air with the wings on the back of her dress transformed into gigantic Golden Butterfly wings. With a giggle, she gives the wings a mighty flap, blowing out a column of swirling air in front of her, then drops to the ground. This attack deals damage to a wedge-shaped region ahead of Agitha, and carries no Element.
Midna Shackle Midna brings her hair hand over her head, twisting the arm like a corkscrew, as a large ball of Twilight magic grows and swirls in the palm. When it has reached sufficient size, she bounces it once and then dunks it down onto the enemies ahead. This attack has a very peculiar range - a circular area some distance ahead of Midna. Enemies directly in front of her, while hit by the bounce of the magic ball, will not be hit by the blast. The attack carries no Element.
Zant Scimitars Zant floats into the air and summons two Phantom Zants to aid him in creating a ball of Twilight magic, which the three raise over their heads before throwing down onto the enemies below. The attack hits a circular range directly ahead of Zant.
Fi Goddess Blade Fi transforms into a gigantic version of the currently equipped sword, swinging in a wide circle as a golden light version of The Imprisoned's seal forms in the center. Fi plunges herself into the seal, creating a large explosion. She then transforms into her primary form as, purely for visual effect, the "petals" of a Trial Gate form around her and shine a light before vanishing. This attack carries no Element and damages a wide range around Fi.
Ghirahim Demon Blade The Demon Lord bows and chuckles before snapping his fingers. A sphere of his diamond magic forms half-embedded in the ground, before a number of swords plunge into it, followed by one large sword, similar in appearance to Demise's Sword. The swords launch enemies away while Ghirahim laughs heartily. This attack damages a circular region in front of Ghirahim and carries no Element.
Cia Scepter Cia rises into the air as several circles of black magic form around her. Spreading her arms wide, the circles explode into pillars of dark flames, blowing enemies back. This attack deals damage in a circular range around Cia, and carries no Element.
Volga Dragon Spear Volga brings his Spear back, then thrusts it forward - carrying himself some distance ahead and burning the ground behind him in the process. This attack deals damage in a rectangular area ahead of Volga, and carries the Fire Element.
Wizzro Ring Wizzro cackles, sinking into the ground as slimy, cycloptic fish-like creatures leap from a pool of dark magic in the ground. The magic compresses into a ball and explodes, blowing enemies away, while the giggling Wizzro re-emerges from the ground. This attack deals damage in a wide area around Wizzro and carries no Element.
Twili Midna Mirror Midna summons her spear from her full Fused Shadow form, leaps into the air, twirls and then lands, stabbing the ground and creating an enormous explosion of Twilight energy that blows enemies back. This attack damages a wide, circular range ahead of Twili Midna and carries her slightly forward with it.
Young Link Mask Young Link dons the current version of the Fierce Deity's Mask and, after prepping his sword, swings it in a manner similar to Link's Special Attack, though he is not carried forward as far. This attack hits a wide range ahead and around Young Link, and carries the Darkness Element.
Tingle Balloon Tingle puts on a determined face and begins to pump up his Balloon. With an enthusiastic "Kooloo-limpah", it pops, damaging enemies nearby. This attack hits foes in a wide range around Tingle.
Linkle Crossbows Linkle shoots once with her two Crossbows pointing forward, then once with one pointing forward and the other back. She then turns around to fire both of them forward again, and finally performs two spins while firing both Crossbows rapidly, ending the attack in a huge, fiery explosion. This attack hits enemies in a mid range around Linkle.
Boots Linkle calls down two Cuccos on each side of her and starts charging her energy. She then charges at her enemies, knocking them back while lapping from Cucco to Cucco as they follow at the same pace as her. Linkle ends the attack with a cheer.
Skull Kid Ocarina Within a frontal radius, Skull Kid uses the dark magic of Majora's Mask and rattles his head while a large magic circle appears. Enemies caught in the circle are rapidly damaged, and are dragged into the center before Skull Kid ends the attack with a large energy burst.
Toon Link Light Sword Toon Link charges his blade with magical energy and performs the Hurricane Spin, damaging the enemies caught in its spin radius. After the final blow, Toon Link becomes dizzy momentarily.
Sand Wand Toon Link summons the Spirit Train from out of a Portal behind him. It then rams into the enemies ahead of him.
Tetra Cutlass Tetra fires her pistol, then performs two quick slashes with her Cutlass in a cross-pattern. She finishes her attack with a gunshot, which sends her enemies flying. This attack hits enemies immediately in front of Tetra.
King Daphnes Sail King Daphnes summons a tidal wave beneath him, gaining altitude with it. Once it gains enough altitude, he transforms into the King of Red Lions and pushes the wave forward, smashing enemies in front of him caught by the water. This attack hits enemies in a rectangular pattern in front of Kind Daphnes.
Medli Rito Harp Medli slashes two gusts of wind at the group of enemies in front of her, forming a large typhoon ball that traps and damages her enemies. She then flies up into the air and then comes crashing down over it, sending her enemies flying at the typhoon's burst. Medli then stands up in a brief dizzy state.
Marin Bell Marin gives a small curtsy to her enemies before ringing the Bell to call forth the Wind Fish. She then checks above her to see if it is coming, followed by the Wind Fish heavily dropping down onto the enemies in front of her. Marin gives a small whine in surprise upon the Wind Fish's impact.
Toon Zelda Phantom Arms In a surrounding radius, Toon Zelda leaps out of the Phantom vessel and unleashes a burst of light at her enemies.
Ravio Rental Hammer Ravio readies his Bow with three Bomb Arrows and fires them in a spread in front him to knock enemies into the air, then tosses his Gale Boomerang to sweep them up with two tornadoes from the sides. The tornadoes then collide and form into a single, larger one in front of Ravio while he gives applause.
Yuga Picture Frame Yuga waves his staff to summon a giant, purple Picture Frame in the air in front of himself, after which he brings his staff down and the King of Evil Trident strikes the ground from out of the Frame like a bolt of lightning.
Ganon's Fury / Cucco's Fury
Ganon Ganon's Rage Ganon charges dark power into his right fist and raises it up in the air. He then slams his fist into the ground, damaging the enemies around him.
Cucco Cucco's Spirit Cucco calls upon a flock of normal-sized Cucco around it. They then all peck and attack his enemies rapidly until the flock disperses.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Character Weapon Description
Link Swords & Shields Link powers up his blade with power, then lets loose an enhanced Spin Attack.
Two-handed Weapons Link slams the weapon down on the ground, then chows down on food, healing any previously temporarily burned Hearts to enhance his attacks. Energized by the food, he grabs his weapon, jumps into the air, and chops downward, sending a punishing airwave from the weapon.
Spears Link jumps into the air and rains down rapid fire thrusts from above. After he lands, Link blazes through his target(s) with a series of high speed strikes that eventually send him skywards, then finishes with a final descending impalement slam.
Impa 0-2 Sheikah (Language) Glyphs If Impa has either none, a single or 2 absorbed Glyphs, Impa runs her hands through some Kuji-in hand seals, then jumps into the air, substituting herself with a Sheikah tribe-aligned Bomb Barrel marked with a glyph, exploding on contact, allowing Impa to absorb it as she reappears.
3 Glyphs If Impa has all three absorbed Glyphs, Impa runs her hands through some hand seals as the signs are spent while her clones appear to encircle the target. Impa vanishes as the clones raced inwards, slashing once, then stack a tower of Bomb Barrels marked with a glyph, detonating on the reappearing Impa's signal, absorbing the glyph.
Zelda Sheikah Slate Zelda uses the Camera Rune to take a picture of the area in front of her, somehow damaging everything in the picture's line of sight.
Bow of Light Zelda concentrates with her hands clasped as she creates a brilliant flare of light, then raises her right hand to create the Triforce. She then pulls out her weapon and fires a shot at the Triforce and the previous flare of light.
Mipha Spears Mipha activates her Grace, creating a dome of water that heals herself and nearby allies, before damaging all enemies trapped in the attack.
Daruk Two-handed Goron weapons Daruk puts away his weapon, then claps his hands together, summoning his Protection field. He then brings his hands together again, briefly magnifying the size of his Protection field. He then cockily swipes his thumb with his nose, and pulls out his weapon.
Revali Bows Revali crouches to the ground, then takes to the air, summoning his Gale. 3 Bomb Arrows hit the ground in sequential order, then Revali fires a series of five Bomb Arrows that explode sequentially.
Urbosa Gerudo Swords & Shields Urbosa charges her Fury, then flexes to bombard the area with lightning strikes. She then holds her hand out to focus the lightning strikes to occur more in front of her, then snaps her fingers, hitting the area with one simultaneous lightning strike, recharging her Lightning Gauge to full.
Hestu Maracas Hestu does an about face, then shakes his Maracas and begins a waddling dance, compelling nearby monsters to dance along with Hestu. Hestu then gives a big flourish, sending everyone flying away.
Sidon Spears Sidon crosses his weapons, then jumps into the air in a front flip, trailing water as he goes. The water then takes the form of a gigantic Hearty Salmon, which then slams into the opponent.
Yunobo Rock Roasts The target is swiftly enveloped by a pile of rising rock, startling Yunobo. Two Goron miners briefly rap their pickaxes on the rock before Yunobo blasts through with a double punch. The miners wave goodbye Yunobo before running off.
Teba Bows Teba flies on screen, then performs a barrel roll back off screen. He then carpet bombs the area in front of him with a row of Bomb Arrows within an aerial loop, landing upon completion.
Riju & Patricia Sand Seal Brindles & Shields Riju fishes out the Thunder Helm from Patricia's brindle, and dons it. Riju charges it then activates it, electrocuting the area while Patricia covers her eyes with her flippers, diving back underground after the light show is over.
Master Kohga Yiga Clan weaponry Master Kohga winds up a punch then slams the fist on the ground, triggering a series of explosions. Kohga then takes out his weapon and dashes forward.
King Rhoam Two handed weapons King Rhoam holds his weapon aloft, then does a series of slashes, before powerfully slamming his weapon down on the target. He then brushes his beard with his hand.
Great Fairies Bangles The currently active Great Fairy snaps her finger, summoning her sisters to surround their foes, then kiss the foe into submission.
Monk Maz Koshia Wristbands Monk Maz enlarges himself, then fires a explosive ball from his face, deflating back to normal size once the explosion dies down.
Terrako Guardian parts Terrako charges up a laser that, when fired, expands in size.
Calamity Ganon Corrupted Guardian parts Ganon transforms into his serpentine form. He coils around with a energy ball in mouth, then fires it, slamming into their target, then transforms back.


  • When using the Power Gloves form of the Gauntlets, the Chain Chomp will bite down into the ground, while Link does not seem to throw it into the ground as hard.
  • During Impa's Naginata Special Attack, the blades that rise from the ground will be the same as the blade on the currently equipped Naginata.
  • Ganondorf's Special Attack is a reference to Demise's second battle phase. Similar to Demise, he charges up his sword with a lightning strike, then fires a lightning bolt by swinging it.
  • The balls of magic used in Zant and Midna's Special Attacks are identical, with green markings and exploding in the same fashion, despite Zant's magic often having red markings.



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