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This page is about the Elements attached to Weapons in Hyrule Warriors. For the Element in The Minish Cap, see Four Elements.

Elements are attributes in Hyrule Warriors, which determine the strengths, resistances and effects of Warriors and their class of Weapon.[1] Elements are divided into five types: Fire, Water, Lightning, Light and Darkness.[2]


Elements affect certain values in battle which determine how much damage a Warrior can inflict onto an enemy, and how much damage they will receive after being attacked. Each class of Weapon belongs to its own Element as indicated by a colored symbol, which determines its inherent strengths and effects. Some Weapons, such as Sheik's Harp, can hold more than one type of Element based on the attack. Enemies and enemy Warriors in turn have their own Elemental strengths and weaknesses, and thus may receive more or less damage when attacked by a Weapon of a particular Element. How effective an Element is against an enemy depends on the type of Element they innately have; Lizalfos, for example, are of the Fire Element, and are thus weak to Water and resist Fire.

In certain battles, a particular Element of a Weapon may be recommended over others, as indicated by a thumbs-up symbol next to its Element. Using a Weapon of the recommended Element will allow the Warrior to inflict more damage onto the enemies in that battle.[3] In addition, Badges that increase a Warrior's defense in battles of a recommended Element can also be crafted at the Bazaar.

In certain Adventure Mode battles, a Keep may be covered by an Elemental barrier. These barriers will continuously inflict damage onto a Warrior inside the Keep so long as the barrier remains active. These barriers can either be dispelled by rescuing an Elemental Fairy of the corresponding Element from another Keep and releasing it within the protected Keep, or by simply claiming the Keep by defeating its Keep Boss at the cost of taking damage.

Elemental Effects

Elemental Effects are secondary effects of a particular Element added to Weapons, each with a unique purpose. When a Warrior performs a combo attack with their Weapon, there is a chance that an Elemental Effect may occur. Elemental Effects may either boost the power of an attack or create a secondary effect that temporarily afflicts enemies hit.[1] These secondary effects can range from continuously damaging enemies or having a longer attack range.

Certain Skills can also be applied onto individual Weapons to give it a stronger bonus to the effect, such as the Fire+ or Water+ Skills. The Elemental Skills a Weapon can have will usually be of its inherent Element, although some Weapons, such as Sheik's Harp and Agitha's Parasol, can have different Elemental Skills applied to it.

The Fire Element causes foes to create a small explosion when they hit the ground, damaging other nearby foes.[4]
Applying Fire+ to a weapon will increase the blast radius.

The Water Element forms a bubble of water around foes' heads, causing them to take damage periodically over time.[5]
The Water+ Skill will cause the bubble to stay for longer, thus dealing more damage.

The Lightning Element will cause the enemy to take extra damage from miniature lightning strikes with each hit until they once more land on the ground.[6]
Electricity+ makes it easier to keep enemies from hitting the ground.

The Light Element increases damage the more that groups of enemies are attacked by consecutive attacks.[7]
Light+ increases the length of time the effect remains, allowing the Warrior to pick up more easily from one string of attacks to the next.

The Darkness Element increases damage the more a single enemy is attacked by consecutive attacks.[8]
Darkness+ allows the Element to affect more than one enemy at a time.


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