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Barriara is a character in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]


Barriara is the leader of the Gerudo in Gerudo Village.[1] While standing outside of young Ganondorf's home, she was cursed into a deep sleep by Octavo,[2][3] causing her body to block the way into the prince's house and preventing the rest of the Gerudo from checking in on him.[4]

She can be awoken by stepping on the music note-shaped buttons on the ground below her in order to wake her up with a song.[5] While the exact arrangement of buttons will differ per game file, the colors of the solution and the tune will always remain the same. Therefore, the sequence will always be dark green, yellow, light blue, blue, dark green, yellow, light blue, and blue, which plays the "Gerudo Valley" theme.

After being woken up by Cadence, Link, Yves, or Zelda, she gives them the Power Glove and moves out of the way.[note 1] She also informs the heroes that there's a Sandstone Talus guarding the entrance to Gerudo Ruins,[6] but regrettably can't help them defeat it because she has to stay in the village to watch over the young prince.[7] Despite her duty to watch over him, she considers the prince to be immature,[7] and likewise, Ganondorf considers her to be foolish, indicating a strained relationship between the two.[8]


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  1. In Permadeath Mode, the Power Glove is replaced with a random item.


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