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Geetchee is a character featured in The Crystal Trap.[citation needed] Described as a "thin, scraggly, blue-furred creature," Geetchee is a messenger who Princess Zelda first meets when she travels through the Swamp. The princess finds Geetchee trying to fish something out of the mud, pitying himself and saying that "Master will be very angry."[1] Thinking that whatever the creature is trying to get must be important, Zelda scares Geetchee away with her arrows and proceeds to reach down into the thick mud, finding a Large Brass Key in the process.[2]

If Zelda decides to go deeper into the swamp, she will meet up with Geetchee again, who is trapped in a pit of quicksand and begs Zelda to save him.[3] The princess hesitates on saving the monster, but Geetche then throws a stick against her feet, causing Zelda to fall into the quicksand as well.[4] The mossunger calls Zelda stupid and says he has a rope to free himself from the quicksand, which he uses to escape, never to be seen again.[5]


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  5. "'Stupid warrior,' the mossunger says. Suddenly, he no longer seems frightened. 'Geetchee not dumb. He have rope.' As Zelda watches, the hairy beast uncoils a rope from a sack on his shoulders and tosses a loop around a nearby tree stump. In a few seconds, he has pulled himself free and is standing on dry land. 'Bye-bye, stupid warrior. Geetchee go tell master how smart he is.'" (The Crystal Trap, Simon & Schuster, pg. 54)