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The Crystal Trap is a book released for the Nintendo Adventure Books series.


Released in North America in February 1992, The Crystal Trap follows the "choose-your-own-adventure" format, which means the reader could choose what the characters did and thus direct the story. In total, there are 14 different endings, one of which is the only "true" ending, while the rest are endings in which Princess Zelda or Link dies under different circumstances. As the reader follows along, they will receive various items that may or may not help them along the adventure; moreover, they will also receive or lose points depending on the actions they take. Adding up all the points they receive at the end allows the reader to see their "Triforce Protector Rating." If, however, the reader chooses the wrong path, they will receive a page ending with the words "GAME OVER," indicating they must start the adventure all over again and choose a different path. The book also contains various puzzles which the reader must solve in order to help them figure out which path to take or to foreshadow what will happen next.

Unlike The Shadow Prince, this book focuses on Princess Zelda, who, in just 24 hours, must travel across various dungeons and terrains to obtain the three items that will free Link from Ganon's crystal.


The book begins with Princess Zelda and Link running through the Midoro Palace as they try to escape from Ganon's grasp. Eventually they find themselves in the tunnels below the palace, and although Link tries to reassure Zelda that they are not being pursued any longer, Ganon then appears with an army of Moblins behind him, blocking their only route of escape. Ganon tells them to surrender, but Zelda begins to think on what weapon she could use to defeat Ganon's evil magic.

Just as Zelda is about to fire her arrow, Ganon fires a bolt of light from his finger, making her arrow perish. Zelda cries at Link, who leaps forward, but he begins to get swallowed up by a crystal as the princess is approaching him, causing him to be trapped inside. Ganon explains that since he cannot obtain the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom from Link and Zelda respectively, he used a Magic Scroll which cast a spell to encase both pieces of the Triforce, including the Triforce of Courage encased in Link's heart. Zelda cries to the young hero that she will break him free of the crystal, but just then Ganon mocks the princess and tells her that she will never figure out how to free Link, for in just 24 hours, he will be trapped inside the crystal forever. Saying that it is much better to watch Zelda suffer than to kill her, Ganon leaves her and departs the temple. Zelda must now decide whether she should stay to protect Link or go look for help.

If Zelda stays

Thinking that the things Zelda needs to free Link are right in the Midoro Palace tunnel she's in, she decides to stay. Suddenly, Boomerang Demons begin to attack her; however, since arrows are no good at defeating these monsters and she can only fend off these monsters with her dagger for a short while, Zelda tries to think of a new plan.

If Zelda stays and fight
Zelda refuses to give up and continues to jab the Boomerang Demons with her dagger, but for each that she cuts, two more take its place. The page ends with a Game Over as Zelda realizes that she'll be killed by the Boomerang Demons that now surround her and wishes she had gone to get help instead.
If Zelda leaves
Zelda continues to fight the Boomerang Demons but looks for a way out as she does so. She eventually finds an escape route and looks back at Link before she leaves, promising that she'll be back. Eventually, the princess finds a thick Rope that leads high above into the light, which seems to be the only way to escape the underground passageway. She climbs the rope and reaches up into a corridor, wondering whether she should take the rope with her or not.
If Zelda looks for help
Zelda decides to go look for help and promises Link she'll be back, turning quickly so that Link cannot see her tears. As Zelda is making her way out of the tunnel, a swarm of Tektites attack her, but she quickly and easily disposes of them using her bow and dagger. Just as she's about to leave, she notices a quiver full of Magic Arrows and wonders if she should take them, taking into account that they might be evil.

Zelda eventually makes her way out of the palace, but she's unsure of her current location. She then comes upon tall stone pillars that have a strange writing on them and which serve as crossroads. The princess notices that one of the columns has a worn picture with trees and a deer, which means that path leads to the forest. Another pillar has a carving of a swamp, and another one of a desert, making Zelda choose between the path that leads to the forest, swamp, or desert.

If Zelda goes to the desert

Zelda follows the path into the desert, and when she reaches it, she begins to get worried since she didn't bring a water bottle with her. The princess eventually reaches the end of the path with only a sea of dunes in front of her and thinks that she should keep going in the direction that the path was going. However, just then, she sees a palace to the far right, and reconsiders her decision.

If Zelda goes to the palace

Zelda heads for the palace but steps on a hollow surface, which houses a Gohma. After defeating the foe with her bow and arrows, the princess collapses from exhaustion and looks at the palace in the distance. Noticing how far away it seems, she begins to think whether she should go back to look for the path again or keep going.

If Zelda should go on to the palace

Deciding that she has already come so far, she keeps walking toward the palace as the heat keeps getting more intense. Eventually, the princess reaches an old temple and notices an altar holding a Large Brass Key. Near the altar is a carving stating that anyone who takes the offering of the altar will be cursed. Thinking about her next step, Zelda wonders if she should take the key, as well as whether she should go back and try to find the path or keep heading towards the palace.

If Zelda continues to go on towards the palace
Refusing to turn her back on the palace, Zelda, aching with thirst, decides to keep going towards the palace. Now weak from exhaustion and the heat, Zelda falls in the dust, looking ahead to see that there is nothing there, and that the palace was a mirage. The page ends with a Game Over as Zelda realizes she's in the middle of the Tantari Desert and that now she'll never find her way out.
If Zelda keeps following the path or should try to look for the path
Thinking that the palace might be a mirage, she decides to keep heading in the direction that the path was leading. Suddenly, she sees a tall rock not too far away and stumbles forward, reassuring herself that there must be water around there. Beyond the rock is a path, and after Zelda clears her clothes of sand, she decides to follow it.
Zelda goes to the swamp

As Zelda is going through the swamp, she hears the sound of someone groaning. She approaches the sound and finds that it's a blue, ugly mossunger named Geetchee who is trying to fish something out of the mud. Thinking that whatever the creature is trying to get must be important, Zelda scares Geetchee away with her arrows and proceeds to reach down into the thick mud, finding a Large Brass Key in the process. Zelda then begins to wonder whether she should take the key with her or not, taking into account the possibility that it might hold one of Ganon's spells.

After looking at the mess of a swamp she has in front of her, Zelda continues to go deeper into the swamp and, after several hours of walking, she finds a patch of dry ground to her right that seems to go up a slope and out of the swamp. Suddenly, she hears a loud noise and begins to think whether she should leave the swamp now or follow the sound.

If Zelda goes deeper into the swamp

Refusing to turn her back to whatever just made the loud noise, Zelda plunges into the swamp and takes out her bow just in case. Just then, she finds Geetchee again, who is trapped in a pit of quicksand and begs Zelda to save him. The princess hesitates on saving the monster, but Geetche then throws a stick against her feet, causing Zelda to fall into the quicksand as well. The mossunger calls Zelda stupid and says he has a rope to free himself from the quicksand, which he uses to escape. Watching helplessly as Geetchee walks away with the rope, she slowly starts stinking deeper into the quicksand.

If Zelda has the rope
Remembering that she picked up a rope in Midoro Palace, she takes it from her belt, and just as she's about to throw it at a stump, the rope comes alive and flies up into the air, tying itself around the trunk of a tree. Zelda pulls herself from the quicksand and begins to head out of the swamp, taking the magic rope with her.
If Zelda doesn't have the rope
Zelda regrets not having brought a rope with her as she begins to sink deeper, eventually being buried up to her neck. The page ends with a Game Over with Zelda groaning in despair.
If Zelda goes to the forest

Following her intuition, Zelda chooses to stay in the forest but wishes she could rest a little; however, she reminds herself there is no time to lose, and thus hurries off deeper into the woods. It begins to get darker and Zelda can now hardly breathe due to the air being so thick, and the princess rethinks her choice of whether she should rest or keep going.

If Zelda rests
Zelda lies down and becomes fast asleep. She dreams of Ganon trying to kill her but just then she wakes up; however, she realizes that she can't move since vines are twined around her arms and legs. The page ends with a Game Over as Zelda regrets her choice.
If Zelda goes on
The princess eventually exits the forest when she then hears a low moan, which belongs to a mysterious tree known as Greenbeard. Greenbeard is blocking Zelda's path, but he refuses to let her pass since he claims that people are always harming woods. Zelda promises that as long as she's alive, she will not let the people of Hyrule or Moblins harm the woods. Greenbeard grants her passage and tells Zelda to be careful of the Tree Witch as she leaves.

Zelda begins to worry since all she sees is trees even though she is supposed to be looking for help. Just then, she spots a rocky path leading up a steep slope and must decide whether she should take the dark and dangerous-looking path or the grassy, safe-looking lane.

If Zelda climbs the rocky path

Zelda climbs the rocky slope and meets with an old woman, who invites the her inside the hut. She calls Zelda by her name, which surprises the princess, and the old woman then reveals herself to be a Tree Witch. The witch goes on to say that Greenbeard cautioned Zelda of the tree witch just because she took some of his prickle-berries last autumn, and afterward offers the princess some stew, making Zelda hesitate at her offer and asking her how to get out of where she is. The witch points down the canyon and tells Zelda to follow the creek bed. Before Zelda departs, the old woman gives her a Large Brass Key and offers her to stay and eat.

If Zelda stays and eats with the witch
Zelda stays to eat and enjoys the stew made by the witch, saying it's delicious. As a reward for her courage, the old woman hands the princess a ring. Before Zelda leaves, she thanks the tree witch for her help and then quickly walks down the path the witch had shown her.
If Zelda doesn't follow the palace or goes back to search for the path (desert); Zelda leaves the swamp (swamp); Zelda stays on the grassy lane, doesn't stay to eat with the witch or received the Witch's Ring (forest)

It is late afternoon when Zelda reached a massive Iron Door located at the base of a tall cliff. She tries to open it but realizes it is locked, and notices the keyhole just right next to her.

If Zelda doesn't have the key
Zelda pounds on the door, but in vain, and wishes she had a key. She slumps to the ground trying to decide what to do but is then attacked by a Rope Snake. The game ends with a Game Over with Zelda screaming for help.
If Zelda has the key

Zelda uses the Large Brass Key to open the lock and enters the Cavern ahead of her with the door closing behind her. She then hears the sound of Gibdos approaching her from behind, and although she says she can outrun these enemies, more Gibdos appear on the other side. Zelda realizes that a dagger nor a normal arrow can pierce through the Gibdos, commenting to herself that she'd need magic arrows to defeat these foes.

If Zelda doesn't have the magic arrows
Remembering that Link had told Zelda to always look for Magic Arrows, the princess takes out her dagger and sets her back against the wall as the Gibdos come closer and closer. The page ends with a Game Over with Zelda regretting not being able to save Link.
If Zelda has the magic arrows
Remembering the arrows she picked up in Midoro Palace, Zelda fires one of the magic arrows at a Gibdo, causing it to burst into flames and thus scaring the other Gibdos away. A few seconds after the blaze is out, a Blue Fairy appears from out of the burnt Gibdo, saying that she was being kept a prisoner by the foe. The fairy, who waves her wand and covers Zelda in a warm blue light, restores the princess's energy and ask her what she's doing in such an evil place. Zelda explains to her about the crystal spell on Link and confesses she doesn't know what she's looking for. The fairy says she cannot stay with Zelda, but gives her a scroll and promptly disappears. Zelda picks it up to find a riddle within the scroll, which says, "Look for something hotter than fire, colder than ice, and sweeter than sugar."

As she continues to travel through the cavern, Zelda comes up to a wall and just then hears more Gibdo approaching. She tries to find a way out of the cavern and spots a small door in a shallow alcove of rock near the end of the wall, and using all her might, she sprints over the cavern floor. Zelda gets through the door and closes it shut, freeing herself from the Gibdos. As she's walking down the cavern trying to figure out the meaning of the riddle, she bumps into a set of doors, one which is locked and the other one unlocked. Although the Large Brass Key doesn't fit into the locked door, she realizes something important must be behind it.

If Zelda has the ring

Zelda takes out the ring that the tree witch gave her and realizes that the ring fits in perfectly on the keyhole, causing the door to swing open. She steps into the small, empty chamber and the door closes behind her; however, the door opens again after the chamber turns, and Zelda quickly exits.

Now standing in a small room with nothing except a winding staircase, Zelda climbs the stairs and finds a door at the top as well as a Magnifying Glass in the middle of a table. She looks at the glass and thinks about the riddle of the fairy's scroll, just then realizing that the answer to the first part of the riddle is "sun."
If Zelda doesn't have the ring or if she already found the Magnifying Glass

Zelda pushes open the unlocked door and finds herself in an empty chamber with yet another pair of doors on the far side. The first door leads upward, and the princess can see a faint glimmer of twilight, thus indicating the way out. The other door has strange runes and symbols carved on it, and once Zelda opens the door, she finds that it leads into darkness.

If Zelda should go deeper into the cave
Zelda decides she must explore every room in the cave. She heads down the stairs but then realizes that the stairs are collapsing, causing her to land with a heavy thud. The walls then begin to move in closer. The page ends with a Game Over as Zelda realizes she is about to die.
If Zelda should leave the cave

Zelda exits the cave and notices a town at the horizon, and when she arrives at the gates, a gatekeeper known as Aldo recognizes the princess and informs her that she's arrived at the Town of Ruto. Realizing that she's missed North Castle, she sits down to rest and tells Aldo about her quest as she eats. Princess Zelda asks the gatekeeper if he's see anything or anyone unusual around town, and Aldo tells her about a newcomer known as Conly, a beekeeper. He goes on to say that Conly lives on the outskirts of town and that many people say that his bees are magic, but that the old man won't let anyone taste their honey. Since the beekeeper is known as unfriendly, Aldo advices the princess to not go near him until she finds a way to deal with him. As Zelda is listening, she remembers the riddle on the Fairy's Scroll and realizes that the answer to the third part of the riddle is "Honey."

If Zelda should visit the beekeeper now
Zelda excitedly exclaims that she needs Magic Honey, and although Aldo reminds her that he is known to be rude and that maybe the princess should bring him a present, Zelda decides she has no time and hurries off to see Conly. When she arrives at his hut and calls out Conly's name, the beekeeper comes out and asks if Zelda brought him anything. Zelda tells him that she's in a hurry and didn't bring him anything, and Conly, now angry, releases a swarm of Magic Bees at the princess. Injured by the bee stings, Zelda runs out into the forest trying to escape the bees, but falls into a deep pit. The page ends with a Game Over with Zelda saying she twisted her ankle and will never get out of the pit in time to save Link.
If Zelda should go into town
Zelda knows that she must get some honey from the beekeeper, but Aldo begs her to take his advice of not going to see Conly until she learns how to deal with him, to which Zelda agrees.

Having decided to deal with the man later, Zelda goes out into the main street of Ruto and notices a "dark, evil-looking tower" looming over the whole town. Moreover, there is also a light coming from a Tavern and hears sounds of singing, while to her right there is an entrance to a fortune-teller's shop. Sighing, Zelda begins to think on what path she should take now.

If Zelda goes to see the fortune-teller

Zelda decides she could use some advice and enters the fortune-teller's parlor. Inside, a wrinked old woman known as Madame Grusha greets her and mentions that Zelda has traveled far from Midoro Palace, which surprises Zelda. Grusha goes on to say that the princess is seeking three things and although Grusha knows how to help Zelda, she cannot speak of it in their current location. As such, she asks that Zelda follow her into her inner sanctum; however, before Zelda follows her into the other room, the princess begins to question whether she should trust the fortune teller or not.

If Zelda trusts the fortune-teller
Zelda follows Madame Grusha into the other room but is then surrounded by Moblins, who promptly attack her. Just then, Grusha reveals herself to be a Wizzrobe in disguise. The page ends with a Game Over as Zelda wishes she had been more careful.
If Zelda doesn't trust the fortune-teller
Thinking that Grusha's name sounds too suspicious, Zelda backs away from the other room and takes out her bow, and just then the fortune-teller commands her to not leave. Grusha's shape changes into a Wizzrobe, who commands Moblins to attack the princess; however, Zelda easily defeats them with the use of arrows. The Wizzrobe then throws a casting spell at her, but the princess reflects the attack by grabbing a nearby mirror, defeating both the Wizzrobe and the remaining Moblin. Zelda then leaves and heads for the Dark Tower.
If Zelda enters the tower

Zelda enters the tower and is greeted by a Darknut, who promptly attacks her. By using the arrows given to her by Aldo and aiming at the Darknut's back, the princess easily defeats the Darknut and goes higher into the tower.

After a long climbing of stairs, Zelda comes out at the very top of the spire to find herself above Ruto Town and begins to think that the Darknut was there for a reason, and that it must have been guarding something. Just then, she sees a Handprint pressed into the stone near the battlement. Realizing that it's Ganon's mark, she thinks of the riddle and figures out that Ganon's touch is the coldest thing in the world. Using her dagger, Zelda makes the handprint come free from the floor and heads towards the Tavern.
If Zelda enters the tavern

Zelda steps into the crowded, brightly-lit room and after she sits down, she notices that a hooded stranger sitting in a corner of the room all by himself is staring right at her. Thinking that it's one of Ganon's spies, she could either confront him now or leave and try to lose him in the streets.

If Zelda heads towards the stranger
After fighting her way through the crowd, Zelda confronts the stranger with her hand on her dagger. The hooded man reveals himself to be Estragon, Zelda's old teacher. He informs her that there are real spies of Ganon lurking about and that he already knows about her quest. Curious, Zelda asks if he knows how to get the Magic Honey from Conly the beekeeper. Estragon gives her a small flask containing the sap of the fairy flower tree, which the beekeper uses to make his favorite drink. Although Zelda begs Estragon to go with her, the old man declines, saying he is too old for adventures. Before departing the tavern, Zelda embraces her old friend and heads for the Beekeeper's Hut.
If Zelda leaves the tavern
Zelda returns to Ruto's main street and must decide whether to go to the Dark Tower, to the Fortune-Teller's palace, or back into the Tavern.

Already night, Zelda arrives to the Beekeeper's hut outside of town and calls out his name. When Conly answers, Zelda replies saying she has some fairy flower sap, and although the man demands that he see it at once, the princess tells the beekeeper that she'll trade it in for some Magic Honey as well as some of Conly's bees, which she needs in order to get to Midoro Palace by morning. Conly agrees and snatches the flask from Zelda and goes back inside the hut.

Zelda enters the hut and fills a small jar with the magic honey, and while she does so, thousands of bees cover her whole body and begin to lift her off the floor. The bees fly out the door and into the sky and they arrive to the Midoro Palace just before sunrise. Zelda thanks the bees and returns to the room where Link is imprisoned.

If Zelda doesn't have the magnifying glass, the handprint, and the magic honey
Zelda returns to where Link is and tells him that although she didn't obtain all three things from the fairy's riddle, she has hope that she'll be able to undo the spell anyway. Suddenly, however, a thunderclap fills the room and the light falling on the crystal takes on a red glow, causing the crystal to get darker and darker until Zelda cannot see Link inside anymore. The page ends with a Game Over as Ganon appears and mocks Zelda for having failed on her quest.
If Zelda has the magnifying glass, the handprint, and the magic honey

Zelda rushes to Link and happily tells him that she has found all three things she needs to break the spell. Taking out all three items and not knowing what to do with them, the princess realizes that part of the crystal is shaped like Ganon's handprint and places the handprint over the raised mark on the crystal. This causes for a dozen small holes to appear at the top of the crystal, making them resemble a honeycomb; thus, Zelda pours the Magic Honey into the holes and just then, thick brown liquid begins to steam and bubble. Zelda takes the magnifying glass and holds it in the light above the honey, which causes the crystal to turn into different colors under the maginfied sunlight. With this, the crystal splits open and Link falls right out, but Zelda catches him before he can collapse and quickly tells him of everything that has happened. Already recovered, the young hero suggests that they find Ganon and get the Magic Scroll before he can use it.

Ganon sarcastically congratulates Princess Zelda for freeing Link from his spell, but calls her a fool since he could just cast the spell again. Link confidently tells Ganon that they have the weapon to stop him, and just then the King of Evil makes the Magic Scroll appear in front of him again. Zelda hurries Link to use the weapon they found and the young hero poises himself to strike.





Moruge Swamp is misspelled as "Moluge Swamp."