Fairy's Scroll

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The Fairy's Scroll is an Item in The Crystal Trap.[name references needed]

Location and Uses

The Fairy's Scroll is one of the main Items in the book since it is required to figure out what three objects are necessary to free Link from inside the Crystal.

Zelda can only obtain the Fairy Scroll if she used the Magic Arrows to defeat one of the Gibdos inside the Cavern (The Crystal Trap). From the corpse of the Gibdo appears a Blue Fairy who explains that she was being kept a prison by the foe.[1] Zelda informs the Fairy about her quest, and although the Blue Fairy says she cannot stay with the Princess, she gives her the Fairy Scroll and promptly disappears.[2] Zelda picks it up to find a riddle within the Scroll, which says, "Look for something hotter than fire, colder than ice, and sweeter than sugar."[3]

As Zelda continues her journey, she will find the three Items that the Fairy Scroll was referring to. In order, they are the Magnifying Glass, Ganon's Handprint, and Magic Honey. If the Princess fails to obtain all three Items, she will be unable to rescue Link and will ultimately cause his demise.[4]


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