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This article is about the character in The Crystal Trap. For the Korok in The Wind Waker, see Aldo.

Aldo is a character in The Crystal Trap.[1]


Aldo serves as the gatekeeper of the Town of Ruto.[2]

Princess Zelda meets the gatekeeper when she exits the Cavern and finds herself outside the gates of the Town of Ruto. When she approaches the gates, Aldo recognizes her and greets her, taking her into the gatehouse and bringing her food and water.[3] The princess informs Aldo of her quest, and when Zelda asks him if he has seen anything or anyone unusual, he tells her of a beekeeper known as Conly who, according to townsfolk, has bees that can make Magic Honey.[4] As Zelda is listening to Aldo, she realizes that the last part of the riddle of the Fairy's Scroll is Honey.[5]

Although Zelda eagerly wants to visit the beekeeper and get some Magic Honey from him, Aldo begs her to not go since Conly is known to be unfriendly. As such, he advices the princess to not visit him until she has learned how to make a deal with Conly.[6] If Zelda chooses to follow Aldo's advise, she will eventually receive Fairy Flower Sap, which is what she gives to the beekeeper in order to obtain the Magic Honey from him. However, if she ignores the gatekeeper's advice, Zelda will be attacked by Conly's magic bees and eventually lead to her death.


The name Aldo is a nickname derived from names beginning with Alt, meaning "old," or Adal, meaning "noble."[7]

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