Zelda's Dagger

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Zelda's Dagger is a weapon featured in The Crystal Trap. As its name suggests, the dagger is Princess Zelda's secondary weapon to defend herself, the main one being her bow. Throughout the book, Zelda uses the dagger to defend herself from various enemies. Since the dagger is rather weak and has such a short range, Zelda only uses this weapon when fighting small, easy enemies such as Boomerang Demons.[1] Moreover, the princess also uses her dagger when she has run out of arrows or when the bow is ineffective against a certain enemy, making this weapon her only chance of survival.[1][2] For stronger enemies such as Gibdos, the dagger proves to be useless, since only a strong, magical arrow along with the bow can defeat these foes.[3]

At one point in the book, Zelda uses her dagger to retrieve the Handprint in the Dark Tower.[4] Other than the casual battles, Zelda, for the most part, seems to prefer the use of her bow.


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