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The Magic Rope is an recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed]

Locations and Uses

The Legend of Zelda (TV Series)

Magic Rope appear in two episodes of The Legend of Zelda TV series. In "The White Knight", Link gets out a Magic Rope from his pouch and ties it around an Octorok, but the monster begins to run away and drags Link with him. In "Stinging a Stinger", Princess Zelda uses a Magic Rope to tie it around a Gohma and thus immobilize it, allowing her, Link and Sleezenose to escape from the monster.

The Crystal Trap

In The Crystal Trap, Zelda can only obtain this Item if she chooses to escape the ambush of the Boomerang Demon beneath the Midoro Palace.

After Zelda finds an escape route from the flying demons, she stumbles into the Magic Rope hanging on a wall, which leads up and out of the Palace.[1] Although at first she hesitates to use the Rope since it could be enchanted with Ganon's evil magic, she uses it to climb and reach up into a corridor. Zelda, having reached the ledge high above, must then decide whether she should take the Rope with her or not.[2]

The Magic Rope is only used if Zelda chooses to go deeper into the Swamp. She eventually gets stuck in a quicksand, and the only way to get out of it is by using the magical Item.[3] Just as Zelda is about to throw it at a stump, the Magic Rope comes alive and flies up into the air, tying itself around the trunk of a Tree. Zelda pulls herself from the quicksand and begins to head out of the Swamp, taking the Magic Rope with her.[4] However, if Zelda didn't pick up the Magic Rope from Midoro Palace, she will die in the quicksand.[5]


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