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Gwonam is a character in The Faces of Evil.[1]


Gwonam is a wizard from the island of Koridai. When Ganon and his evil forces conquer the island, Gwonam flies to King Harkinian's palace on his magic carpet to warn the King and Link of the siege.[2] Gwonam comes for Link's aid specifically, as a written prophecy claims that Link is the only one who can defeat Ganon.[3] He beseeches that Link hurry and bring only his Sword. Together they fly back to Koridai as Gwonam explains to Link his task. He instructs that Link must clear the island's "Faces of Evil"; mountains that are being controlled by Ganon's minions as their base.[4]

Gwonam accompanies Link throughout his adventure by transporting him around Koridai.[5][6] He also rescues Link should he fall in battle.[7] Gwonam also appears in several cutscenes and points out the bosses and their heinous actions against the islanders. At Firestone Lake, he and Link discover that Princess Zelda has been kidnapped by Ganon during Link's absence. After defeating Lupay, Link finds the Crystal of Vision and locates the Hermit Flat, where Gwonam lives alone.[8] Gwonam gives Link the Lantern of Vision to help him see the invisible Sancrumies that swarm the way to Ganon's Lair.[9]

After Link defeats Ganon and wakes Zelda from her cursed sleep, Gwonam teleports them outside. He happily states that Koridai's peace has been restored and proclaims Link as the hero of Koridai.[10]


  • In the area where Gwonam introduces Glutko, Gwonam is located two screens from the lava cavern's entrance. In the game's European back cover however, Glutko's introduction is seen with the cave entrance as the background. This suggests that Gwonam may have originally been located at the cave entrance in early versions of the game.



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