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"Hyrule Field Main Theme" is a Song in Twilight Princess.


"Hyrule Field Main Theme" plays in Hyrule Field during the day. It is the 23rd track in Disc 1 of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Original Soundtrack. When an enemy approaches, "Hyrule Field Main Theme" continues playing, rather than changing to Battle.


This is the main theme of the game, and parts of it reappear in many different places.

  • Quoted in the second phase of several bossfights
  • Critical hit theme in bossfights, later used as the invincibility theme in the Spirit Tracks multiplayer battle mode
  • Victory fanfare
  • Zora's River Twilight
  • Horseback Battle
  • Escort's Safe Arrival
  • Midna's Lament
  • Master Sword Get
  • Gerudo Desert
  • Snowpeak
  • Game Over
  • Wolf Song 6 "Ballad of Twilight"
  • Hidden Skill
  • Fishing Hole
  • Staff Credits

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