Mayor Cravendish

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Mayor Cravendish (/ˈkɹævəndɪʃ/ KRA-vən-dish)[1] is a character in The Wand of Gamelon.[2] He is the mayor of the town of Sakado, Gamelon.


Mayor Cravendish is the mayor of Sakado. He, along with several other residents,[3] were captured by the Iron Knuckle and imprisoned in Tykogi Tower.[4] Impa's Triforce of Wisdom shows his capture. Before he is taken, Cravendish declares their kidnapping illegal.

Inside Tykogi Tower, Princess Zelda is informed by Harbanno that Mayor Cravendish been imprisoned on the Tower's top floor.[1] Zelda defeats the Iron Knuckle guarding the Tower's dungeon, and finds the Mayor inside bound by chains. Embarrassed, Cravendish politely asks Zelda to cut the chains with her Sword. He was able to conceal a Magic Lantern in his coat during his imprisonment, which he gives to Zelda in gratitude for rescuing him.

Mayor Cravendish's house is located in the back alley of Sakado, as indicated by a portrait of himself in his house. However even after he is freed, Mayor Cravendish does not return to Sakado and is not seen again.


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