Mount Crenel's Base

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Mount Crenel's Base is an area in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview

Mount Crenel's Base is located in western Hyrule. It connects to two other areas: Mount Crenel to the north and Trilby Highlands to the southeast.

Mount Crenel's Base is the only place to obtain Mt. Crenel Mineral Water, which Link needs to climb further up Mount Crenel itself. Behind a destructible wall, Link can find a Business Scrub that tells him the location of an Empty Bottle,[2] needed to hold the Mineral Water.

Minor Enemies



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  2. "A friend of mine in a cave in the south of Trilby Highlands has a handy tool. If you want to climb Mount Crenel, I suggest you go buy it from him." — Business Scrub (The Minish Cap)
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