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What I see Termina will be like in Zelda Wii

Zelda Wii is entering a new era for the Zelda universe. So here is a list of top ten new expectations for Zelda Wii.

  1. Termina: Termina was a great world and could by a country expanded across the continent including Hyrule. The way is see it is like the image to the right. That is an image of an April Fools joke, but this is exactly what is needed. Imagine, a land being tortured by a dictator to create supplies for the Dark Forces, or be doomed to be hit by the moon within three days. Considering that Termina IS Hyrule and Twilight Princess happened on the child timeline is parallel to The Wind Waker, it may be very possible that the Hyrule of Twilight Princess is in fact Termina. But that is out of the point. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities with the Mystery of Termina.
  2. Skull Kid Civilization: There should be a return of the Skull Kids. And I don't mean a minor role like in Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, or Ocarina of Time. I mean an entire civilization hidden behind a waterfall in the Lost woods. Imagine it, a civilization based off the Lost creatures. There could be this whole optional dungeon based on the forest, the Baga Tree etc.
  3. Discovery: Zelda Wii should definitely include some sort of exploration system. Make the items different on every game, make it rare common, make it here and there. Overall, you should be able to go to ruins and look for something in a complex system. Maybe the Hero’s Shield, or maybe find the broken ruins of the master sword, and go back in time like you did in Twilight Princess. Or, maybe you remember from your past lives that Princess Zelda’s Soul is cursed to forever roam the castle and you must find it. Something along those lines.
  4. Customization: Zelda games are not just for boys, then why is the main character for every game, excluding BS Zelda games, a male? In my opinion, they should remove all romance between link and NPCs in the Zelda Universe, romance may stay as long as there is a female equivalent form for females, and let it be possible to make a female character. Link should be able to get cloths that are not required for a side quest or to breath under water and etc. Since I'm expecting this to be similar to Majora's Mask, I think that the Zora Mask should be the one and only item that lets you breath under water and let you swim. It wouldn't hurt to let you change your hair color, hairstyle, and skin color to accordance to what your real self looks like, or what you want the hero to look like. If this was not Nintendo, that would be the perfect element needed to fight other players online through a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 type system without all the characters looking identical. This has never been possible in past Zelda games unless they were all the same link with different color cloths being worn.
  5. Advanced Technology: There should be a presence of a more non-primitive, modern Zelda universe. Zelda should have more clever gadgets like the hookshot. I'm not saying, things like microchips that posses monsters, or anything, just to go back to the creativity of pass Zelda games. Like: Hookshot, Dominion Rod, and the Spinner. More ideas like that are surely possible. Primitive worlds should have somewhat advanced technology. There can be all new items such as items that let you make some objects solid and some to be nonexistent, an item that lets you reverse the effect of burning objects, or maybe even a mask that lets you see the paranormal phenomenon similar to the effects of the wolf sense.
  6. Vaati: Vaati was the main boss to half of the Toon Link titles. He deserves a bigger part in the Zelda community. I'm not saying he should be the final boss though. Imagine, you finished two dungeons, five to go, you find a canon sunken inside lake Hylia (were the canon was in Twilight Princess), you find a way to use it and blast! You arrive in the Sky Lands, the land enslaved by a raging wind, you go through a misty desert that is the sky until you find the Wind Shrine, you go inside to find Oocca under bars, remains of the dragons, many hard puzzles requiring an item that lets you walk through solid objects. And finally, you see "Semi-God Shadow Exorcist: Vaati". The way you fight him is you run around a circular room much like the Snow boss in Majora and Stallord from Twilight. You have to run away from him and aim you rod at certain walls to make Vaati float into a lava pit. Hit him 5 times like that then He screams and becomes his second form from Minish Cap. In this section, the entire room get jumbled up. The whole place becomes a maze made of mirrors, dodging flying Dekustals, when you look at Vaati, he disappears somewhere else, what you have to do is make a different type of mirror appear in front of Vaati so he doesn’t see you, then hit him. When you hit him once in this stage, you approach his final form. For this form, the room is sucked into Vaati until the only thing left is the floor and a pit surrounding the area like the final battle from A Link to the Past. This part is simple, dodge him until he opens his eye, then throw a Negashot (what the outcome of the rod used with a Slingshot does) at his eye 5 times and he dies.
  7. Optional Dungeons: There should be optional dungeons that are for getting item upgrades, masks, & Kinstones. But not heart containers, however. Heart Containers have been used up over the limit. I purpose a new completely new life system. I am not saying to terminate the Heart Container idea, I am just saying, don’t make it the only thing possibly obtainable in existence.
  8. Life/Defense System: There should be a new Life System. Or maybe just, instead of getting a Higher Life System, getting a system were you add to you max defense and stay the same Life. You can, in replacement for heart containers, have Shield Upgrades to better protect yourself of evil that threatens the humble land of Hyrule. With a new system like this, maybe you can keep adding spiritual power and strength to your armor and shield. During a recent interview with the creator of Zelda universe, Shigeru Miyamoto, it has been revealed that the Hero will obtain a sword that he will keep upgrading it and using it to contact the girl on the front of the Zelda Wii Art. Surely we might have something similar for shields, but it is still a clever suggestion.
  9. Kinstone Fusion: A Kinstone fusion type system from the Minish Cap should be present. Kinstones came in various colors and shapes, that gave a range of prizes. Such as Golden Monsters that you kill to obtain many rupees, Heart Containers for health, or opened secret passage ways for other Kinstones and Kinstone fusion. I do not mean exactly Kinstones are needed, but something similar in the type of system. If Zelda Wii happens early in the timeline, it should be Kinstones, but third dimensional games had something similar. Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, & Twilight Princess had gold bugs, and Poes were also present in Twilight Princess. Gold bugs were certain bugs that you must kill for tokens or for the actual bug. The person who accepted the bug was either Agitha, the men of the House of Skulltula, or the Skulltula-like creature. The ones who were cursed for their greed similar to the Poes from Twilight princess. The one cursed was Jovani, who was cursed to be made of gold until he obtained 50 Poe Souls and unable to move (along with his cat) until he had 20 Poe Souls. Unlike the rest of the similarities, Kinstones got all of Hyrule involved, but the other ones only involved, at most, four people.
  10. Animals: Zelda Wii should defiantly have more unique, exotic, and common to earth animals. Animals of all kind that you can interact with. But not because it is a side quest, to talk communicate with, for the main storyline, or anything else of that notion. There should be a lot of animals that are there because they simply are. I am not saying this is anything major, but I am just saying that this might be a stepping stone to something otherwise terrible.