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Warp Pots are objects in The Wind Waker.[1][note 1]

Location and Uses

Warp Pots take the appearance of bubbling cauldrons, with fumes of one of three different colors. When Link enters the basin of a Warp Pot, he will be transported to a corresponding Warp Pot elsewhere in a dungeon, provided that the corresponding Pots are not covered. There are three Warp Pots in each dungeon, usually beginning with a green one near the entrance of the dungeon, a blue one in the middle which are usually located in the main room of the dungeon, and yellow one near the boss's door. Climbing into the third Pot transports Link to the location of the first one, providing an easy exit should one be required. Jumping into a Warp Pot while none are opened will merely cause Link to jump out and stay in the same room.

Certain Warp Pots that emit purple smoke can be found in Diamond Steppe Island and Ganon's Castle. The purple Warp Pots in Diamond Steppe Island act as a navigational maze as Link must enter the proper series of Warp Pots to successfully navigate the Island's mini-dungoen. Only two Warp Pots appear in Ganon's Castle, both of which appear in Puppet Ganon's chamber to allow Link to quickly navigate the tall chamber.

Warp Pots must sometimes be activated by removing their tops. This may involve using fire to burn off a wooden lid with a Boko Stick or Fire Arrow, or by blowing up a rock using a Bomb. A whistling sound can be heard in rooms with Warp Pots.


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