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The Subrosia Seaside is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1] It is located south of Subrosia Village and constitutes Subrosia's southern coast.


Link digs up the Star-Shaped Ore

The shore is a mostly open area with just a few rocks scattered across the landscape. Two rocky outcrops running north to south divide the seaside laterally into western, central, and eastern sections. A narrow pathway on the north side of the coast connects the central and eastern sides. However, the western section is totally blocked off from the rest of the seaside; it can only be reached from the Subrosia Cemetery to the west.

Two trees, the only vegetation in the area, stand near the sea on the east side of the coast. This area is the haunt of the Subrosian celebrity Rosa. She can be found standing between the trees gazing out at the Lava Sea.


Link first explores the Subrosia Seaside on his second visit to Subrosia in his attempt to reach the Tower of Summer. Subrosians at the seaside inform the young hero that the Star-Shaped Ore lays buried somewhere in the sand.[2][3] Using the Shovel, Link digs around the beach to find the Ore, which he then trades for a Ribbon at Subrosia Market. Link gives the Ribbon to Rosa, who then decides they shall go on a date. Her special necklace allows the young hero to open many doors in Subrosia, including the door to the Tower of Summer.[4]

Later on, Link discovers that the Piratians have shipwrecked on the west end of the seaside and have taken up residence at the nearby House of Pirates at the Subrosia Cemetery. Their ship's stern is buried in the beach, while the bow somehow protrudes from the sands of Samasa Desert up in Holodrum.


  Names in Other Regions  
Spiaggia di Subrosia[5]Subrosia's Beach
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