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Not to be confused with Biri.

Birī is a character in The Legend of Zelda manga by Maru Ran.[citation needed]


Biri is a young boy who lives in a village in Hyrule. When Link stops by in search of an armory, Biri calls out to him and offers his help, as everyone else in the village had ran in fear of Link. Biri offers to give Link a tour of the village for a fee. He takes him to a nearby shop where Link buys a new Shield.

Afterward, Biri accompanies Link and Watto on their journey as they search for the remaining pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom. Upon finding the eighth and final piece, the group then travel to Death Mountain where Ganon's castle lies. However once they reach the mountain range, Link and Watto send Biri back as the remainder of the quest will be too dangerous for him.

As Link infiltrates Ganon's castle, Biri returns to his village and rallies the townsfolk there to fight alongside Link. Together the armed villagers, along with the Old Woman who had helped Link earlier, hurry back to Ganon's castle where they fight the remaining minions. Biri discovers that Link is locked inside a room fighting the leader of Ganon's minions, the Darknut. He directs the villagers to use a battering ram to break inside, but Link defeats the Darknut and opens the door just as the villagers charge inside. Link then chides Biri for disregarding his orders.

Biri leaves with the rest of the villagers to find Princess Zelda while Link takes on Ganon alone. But when Link succeeds and returns, he is informed by Biri that Zelda was found dead and realize that Ganon had killed her prior. However with the Old Man's guidance and prayers, Princess Zelda is revived.


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