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Harlequin Bazaar is a location in The Faces of Evil.[1] It is unlocked after completing Goronu.

Features and Overview

Harlequin Bazaar is an extravagant casino and carnival attraction, located within Harlequin's Face of Evil in northeast Koridai, from which the Bazaar gets its name. It is represented by a large pig-shaped building that resembles Harlequin's likeness. Many rooms deep within the Bazaar present surreal images and likenesses as well. Koridians came to the Bazaar to gamble, but were transformed into monster warriors by Harlequin after losing all of their Rubies.[2] There is also an observatory at the end of the Bazaar, managed by the astronomer Odranoel.

Link enters the area from outside the Bazaar, where sand covers the streets and Boars run wild. Here Link meets Gwonam, who shows him how Harlequin has been transforming Koridians. An opening in the Face's open mouth leads into the Bazaar's carnival street, where there are numerous game and attraction stands. Goriyas and Zols patrol the area. At the end of the street is a pig-shaped face, with a door hidden in its mouth. The next room features a giant model in the shape of an angry pig. Link enters through the mouth of the pig model and climbs down to the rickety bridge beneath the model's feet. Ladders lead to the next rope, allowing Link to jump into the model's heart that is actually a doorway. A bladed bracelet on the model's left arm prevents Link from jumping to the heart from that side.

Link enters the next room through the nose of a smiling face, which is surrounded by Wallmasters. It is here that Link confronts Harlequin, who waits for him in the checkered room on the right. His defeat drops the Key that opens Odranoel's observatory above. He asks that Link brings back the Ice Crystal from Serigon Caves, which he uses to upgrade Link's Lantern into the Magic Lantern. A Triforce Map in the observatory takes Link back to the world map screen. After completing the stage, Militron is unlocked.

Enemies and Traps


  • In an early sketch of Koridai made by Rob Dunlavey for The Faces of Evil, Harlequin Bazaar is named "Clowon Casino".[3]



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