Inverted Song of Time

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The "Inverted Song of Time" is a recurring Song in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Majora's Mask

The "Inverted Song of Time" lets Link slow the flow of time. When played, all events related to the flow of time will move at 30% of their original speed. Events that are not directly involved with the flow of time, such as an enemy attacks or the rate at which Link can move, are not affected. In Majora's Mask 3D, the "Inverted Song of Time" causes all events directly related to the flow of time to move at 50% of their normal speed. As its name implies, the Song is the "Song of Time" played backwards.[2] Link can learn about the "Inverted Song of Time" by talking to a Scarecrow; however, it will not be saved in the Quest Status screen.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

The "Inverted Song of Time" appears as an Item Card in the Termina Map in Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors. It is represented by an upside down Ocarina of Time. When the "Inverted Song of Time" is used, 10 extra hours are added to the time counter.


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Ballade des Kronos (HWDE)[4]Ballad of Cronus
Likely confused with Chronos.
The Italian Republic
Canzone del tempo rallentato (MM3D)[3]Song of slowed down time
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