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Majora's Incarnation is a Boss in Majora's Mask.[1]


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Majora's Mask 3D
Tatl says:

Remember your strategies!
Chase fast-moving enemies.
Aim at faraway enemies.
You've done this all before!

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Majora's Mask

Remember your battles! When you fought things that ran around, didn't you battle them using your own body?

After the Mask form is defeated, it loses its tentacles and grows a set of arms and legs, as well as a tiny, one-eyed head with horns. It also gains a young, feminine voice. This form of Majora's Mask will run very quickly around the room, pausing every now and then to perform a variety of dances, including the moonwalk, Kozachok, pirouettes, and jumping jacks or to make taunting gestures at Link. Its only attack is a sudden rapid-fire barrage of energy bolts it fires from its hands. To defeat Majora's Incarnation, Link must hit it with either his Sword or Hero's Bow when it stops dancing. When hit, it will fall to the ground on its face and flail about. After being struck a few times with the Sword, it will get up again in pain. During this part of the battle, Majora's Incarnation makes humorous clucking and whooping noises, and emits a high-pitched screech whenever struck.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
  • Incarnazione di Majora (MM)[3]
  • L'incarnazione di Majora (MM3D)[2]
  • Majora's Incarnation
  • Majora's incarnation
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