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Myra is a character in The Wand of Gamelon.[1] She is a woman Zelda encounters in the forests of Gamelon.


Myra is first encountered in Hanyu Forest. She asks Zelda if she has an Arpagos Feather and uses the one Zelda found in Gobiyan Ship to turn her Shroud into a Magic Cape,[2] allowing her to jump farther. She is later encountered again in Nokani Forest, where she gives Zelda the Fairy Lantern, telling her it will "penetrate the dark around Ganon." However she also warns her that only the Wand of Gamelon can defeat him and bids her good luck.[3]


  • Although Myra uses Zelda's Shroud to turn into the Magic Cape, in her cutscene, her green apron is used to combine with Zelda's Arpagos Feather instead.


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