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Nintendo Magazine (2022 Summer) is a magazine published by Nintendo. It is the fifth issue in the Nintendo Magazine series and included both Japanese and English versions.[2]

Zelda Content

Enjoy the Summer Wilderness with Pokémon and Zelda! (p.16-17)

This section highlights Breath of the Wild and Pokémon Legends: Arceus as two games where you can explore nature.[3] This section includes some images from in Breath of the Wild, including a reused image from the Winter 2021 issue of Link shooting a Woodland Boar.[4] Other images include Link standing atop Mount Hylia, Link Cooking in front of the Old Man's Cabin, Link using Magnesis on a metal Treasure Chest to lift it out of some Water, and finally Link aiming a Shock Arrow at a few Mighty Porgies and an Armored Porgy. Also included in this section are some artworks of Copious Mushroom Skewers, Gourmet Poultry Curry, a Mighty Porgy, and a Bright-Eyed Crab.

This section details how metal Treasure Chests can be found submerged underwater and shows how Magnesis can be used to raise them up and out.[5] It also details a trick to catching Fish, explaining how using a Shock Arrow will electrocute all Fish in a large radius and make them easy to pick up.[6]


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