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This article is about the character in Skyward Sword. For the character in Tears of the Kingdom, see Platt.

Plats is a character in Skyward Sword.[2]


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Fi says:

His name is Plats. He is a treasure hunter of the Mogma race.

He's greedier than most Mogmas, and his enthusiasm for food has given him quite a belly. He has a strong sense of duty.

Plats is an overweight Mogma treasure hunter and the brother of Bronzi and Silva.[3] He is greedier than most other Mogmas, and carries a Treasure Chest filled with gems on his back. He has a strong penchant for food, which has rounded his figure.[1]

Plats joins Guld's treasure hunting group within the Fire Sanctuary. Link encounters him underground, where Plats mistakes him for a Bokoblin and decides to play a game with him.[4] To catch him, Link must trap him by causing him to go in Link's direction. After he is caught, he notices Link that is wearing Silva's Mogma Gloves and gives him a Chest with a Piece of Heart inside.[3][5]

After Eldin Volcano erupts and Link is captured by Bokoblins while looking for the Fire Dragon Eldin, Plats steals Link's Mogma Mitts back from the Bokoblins and returns them to Link so the young hero can escape his imprisonment.[6] After Link escapes, he tells Link that the Bokoblins took all of his other items, so he updates the young hero's map to show the locations and contents of Chests containing his lost items and warns Link not to let the Bokoblins spot him.[7][8]

Until Link speaks with Eldin, Plats can later be found at the entrance to the Volcano Summit, claiming that the Bokoblins have congregated there with treasure.[9][10] Afterwards, Plats can be found in the underground caves where Link first received the Mogma Mitts.


  • After completing Eldin's part of the "Song of the Hero", if Link speaks to Bronzi near one of the exits to the underground caves of Eldin Volcano, Bronzi will claim that Plats only shows any courage when he is hunting treasure.[11]


Plats's name is derived from the metal platinum.

Names in Other Regions
プチナ (Puchina) (SSHD)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
普欽納 (Pǔqīnnà) (SSHD)
The People's Republic of China
普钦纳 (Pǔqīnnà) (SSHD)
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