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This article is about the location in Ocarina of Time. For the recurring location in other games, see Sacred Grove.

The Sacred Forest Meadow is a location in Ocarina of Time.[1]

Features and Overview

The most sacred area of the Lost Woods, the Sacred Forest Meadow is divided into two areas: a maze-like area in the south and the Forest Temple's entrance to the north. It may be found in the northern region of the Lost Woods; however, its entrance is blocked by a large gate that can only be opened by defeating a Wolfos which appears before it. According to Saria, anyone can speak to the spirits of the forest just by playing the Ocarina in the meadow.[2]

Just as the rest of the woods are shrouded in mystery, so is the Forest Meadow. Few people know the way to the meadow by heart. Nonetheless, it is Saria's favorite haunt, and she will go to the meadow to have some alone time.[3] During such a time, someone familiar with the tune Saria plays may find it easier to find the meadow and their way through by following the sound of her ocarina.


When Link first enters the meadow as a child, it is infested with a high population of Mad Scrubs. Here, he visits Saria, who is sitting in a tree stump right below the entrance to the Forest Temple. She confesses to Link that she feels the Sacred Forest Meadow will be an important place for the two of them some time in the future, and goes on to teach Link "Saria's Song".[4]

After becoming an adult by pulling the Master Sword from its pedestal, Link returns to the Sacred Forest Meadow in order to enter the Forest Temple and awaken Saria as the Forest Sage.[5] However, some time during the seven years that Link was asleep, the Mad Scrubs were flushed out, instead being replaced by Moblins, giant sentinels of Ganondorf's army. At the end of the maze is a Club Moblin blocking the narrow path that connects the labyrinth with the Sacred Meadow, which Link easily defeats and thus access the outside of the Forest Temple's entrance. Unfortunately, he discovers that Saria is nowhere to be found. Instead, Sheik shows up and teaches the young hero the "Minuet of Forest" to allow Link to transport back to the meadow's Triforce Warp any time he wants by playing the Ocarina of Time.

Minor Enemies


  • There are two caverns known to lie beneath the maze area of the meadow. One happens to be a Fairy Fountain; the other one is an unusual looking cavern that is home of two Wolfos. Defeating them with reveal a small chest with a Purple Rupee. There is also an additional one on the opposite side of the Gossip Stone next to the entrance of the Forest Temple that contains two Business Scrubs.
  • This is the only area in which Link encounters Moblins in Ocarina of Time.
  • Some guides claim that this area cannot be accessed until Link obtains Zelda's Letter,[citation needed] but this is blatantly false. Link can enter the Sacred Meadow at the beginning of his quest, and can even reach Saria's "secret spot."


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
森の聖域 (Mori no Seiiki) (OoT)[8]Sacred Woods
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Heilige Lichtung (OoT)[9]
  • Waldlichtung (OoT)[10]
  • Holy Glade
  • Forest Glade
The Italian Republic
  • Radura Sacra (OoT)[6]
  • Radura sacra (OoT3D)[7]
  • Sacred Meadow
  • Sacred meadow
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