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Skull Necklaces are Items in The Wind Waker.[1]

Location and Uses

Skull Necklaces are Spoils worn by Moblins. One may appear when a Moblin is defeated. Link can grab the Skull Necklace off a Moblin's neck by using the Grappling Hook on it. This will momentarily surprise the Moblin, then cause it to charge at Link.

According to both Maggie's Father and Dampa, Skull Necklaces sell for a high price at antique shops.[2][3][4] Maggie's Father makes his fortune by selling the Skull Necklaces that Moe had given to Maggie when she was rescued from the Forsaken Fortress.[2][5] If Link brings Maggie's Father 20 Skull Necklaces, he will take them and give Link Treasure Chart 2.[6] Thereafter, Maggie's Father will take any amount of Skull Necklaces Link brings him and give Link a tip of 20, 40, or 60 Rupees.[7][8][9][clarification needed]

Dampa charges 3 Skull Necklaces for the Piggy-Sitting Minigame.[10] Link gets a Purple Rupee each time he wins the Minigame. In The Wind Waker HD, Link obtains Treasure Chart 42 the first time he wins the Minigame.[11] Dampa's mother Missy is dismayed by her son's obsession with Skull Necklaces.[12]

Skull Necklaces can be sold to Beedle for 5 Rupees in The Wind Waker and 20 Rupees in The Wind Waker HD.[citation needed]


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