Snowdrift Station Dungeon

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Snowdrift Station Dungeon is a location in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Features and Overview

The Snowdrift Station Dungeon is a large, icy room with four staircases on each corner leading to the basement. In the middle of the room are five Shock Switches separated by a gap, and near the Shock Switches is a stone inscription detailing that those who do not hit the switches in the correct order will fall into an abyss. In order to find out the order in which the Shock Switches must be hit, Link must go into each entrance to the basement and complete various puzzles. Completing these puzzles will reveal another stone inscription at the end the respective room with hints on the order of the Shock Switches. Each of the inscriptions are required to learn the clues to the 5 Shock Switches puzzle.

Starting from the southwest staircase, the basement rooms consist of the following puzzles:

  • Southwest Room: Similar to Slippery Station, Link must step on a switch to temporarily open a door at the far end of the room. He must then run across the icy, slippery floor while making several turns and reach the door in time to read the stone inscription behind said door, revealing a clue to the order of the switches.
  • Northwest Room: In this room, Link must push the wooden crate placed on the icy floor all the way to where a small lake is located. After this is done, he must climb on top of the wooden crate and use the Whirlwind to push him across to the other side while evading arrows shooting from the walls as well as Octives that are roaming the waters.
  • Northeast Room: Here, Link will find himself in a dark room partially lit up by torches with Blue Fire. The young hero must use the Boomerang and the Blue Fire to make an ice path cross the water. At the far end is another inscription stone.
  • Southeast Room: In the last room, Link must defeat various Ice Keese and Octives that are on a small lake. To defeat them, the young hero has to utilize the Boomerang as well as Blue Fire to make an ice path across the battle room, allow him to slash all of the enemies. Doing so opens the door with the last stone inscription.

After hitting the Shock Switches in the right order, a bridge will appear leading to a small room full of Freezards. Defeating them yields to a Treasure Chest containing an Alchemy Stone.

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