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The Snow Sanctuary is a location in Spirit Tracks.[1] It is located within the Snow Realm.

Features and Overview

The Snow Sanctuary is home to the Snow Realm's Lokomo guardian, Steem.[2] The area's Stamp Station is situated just above a narrow staircase that is easily visible; moreover, unlike other sanctuaries, the Snow Sanctuary has an Anouki General Store which sells basic Items and, most notably, a Piece of Heart for 2000 Rupees.

Link comes to the Snow Realm in search of the sanctuary on the instruction of the wise Lokomo sage Anjean while on his journey to stop the return of the Demon King Malladus. The sanctuary is located just north of the Anouki Village that is home to the Anouki tribe, and the path leading to it, which is blocked off, is also the only path that can lead onward into the deeper parts of the realm where the Snow Temple is located. After assisting the Anouki in pairing them up to take on the monsters attacking their village, Link is told by their leader, Honcho, of the location of the sanctuary, as well as the tunnel path he must take to reach it.[3] Link is forced to battle a Rocktite to make it through the tunnel and reach the sanctuary, though he succeeds in slaying the beast and eventually reaches the structure.

In order for Link to access the chamber of the Snow Sanctuary in which Steem is located, he must pass through the Snow Sanctuary Cave. Once inside the chamber, Link meets with Steem and the two perform the required Song of Restoration using the Spirit Flute and the pipa to reveal the Spirit Tracks that lead to the Snow Temple.

Later on, after Link receives the freight car from Kagoron in Goron Village, Link can bring a Vessel to Steem from the Wise One in Papuchia Village. The Lokomo, who had been wanting a vessel to decorate his sanctuary, will give a Force Gem to the young hero as a sign of gratitude, which will open the path to the Slippery Station.

Minor Enemies


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Snowfall Sanctuary[5] 
The People's Republic of China
雪之祠堂 (Xuě zhī cítáng)[9] 
Sanctuaire des neigesSnow sanctuary
The French Republic
Sanctuaire des neiges[7]Snow sanctuary
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Santuario delle Nevi[4] 
Latin America
Altar de las Nieves 
The Kingdom of Spain
Altar de las Nieves[8] 
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