Tools of the Trade

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Tools of the Trade

Quest Giver Isha
Location Gerudo Town
Previous Quest
"Forbidden City Entry"

"Tools of the Trade" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


This Side Quest is one of four that Link needs to complete as part of "The Thunder Helm", which will grant him the Thunder Helm. In Gerudo Town, Link can find Isha pacing around the market in front of Starlight Memories. Though she greets Link,[2][3][4] she remarks that she does not have a reason to be doing so.[5][note 1]

If Link asks what is wrong, Isha explains that she manages a Shop specializing in Accessories, but she has run out of the Flint she needs to make them.[8] She says that if someone would just give her 10 Flint, she would offer a nice reward.[9] However, she realizes that nothing is that easy in the real worlds, and her dreams will change nothing.[10]

At Link's inquiry, Isha reveals that she makes her Accessories using Gems.[11] By wearing Gems, one can have their powers transferred to them.[12] However, she once again brings up her lack of Flint,[13] which officially begins the Side Quest. Before Link leaves, Isha apologizes for having nothing to give him after visiting.[14]

Once Link has 10 pieces of Flint for Isha, he can return to Gerudo Town to give them to her.[note 2] Isha is unsure how to react at first,[16] but she quickly becomes shocked by Link's generosity.[17] She thanks him, though she realizes she has to do more to repay him.[18] However, she does not have any products ready to give to him.[19]

Suddenly, Isha realizes she can make an Accessory for Link now that she has Flint.[20] She offers Link a choice between a Ruby Circlet, a Sapphire Circlet, or Topaz Earrings.[21][22][23] Whichever one Link chooses, Isha reveals that she had an inkling he might pick it, before stepping away for a moment.[24]

Isha presents Link with his new Accessory, noting that it turned out well.[25] If he ever needs another Accessory, Isha invites him back to Starlight Memories for a discounted price.[26] However, she asks him not to tell any other customers about his special deal.[27] With this, the Side Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 Isha, the jeweler, is in a bind. She ran out of the flint she needs to keep making her accessories. She says that she can reopen her store if you bring her 10 pieces of flint.
Complete Isha, the jeweler, ran out of flint and was feeling pretty worried. But since you brought her 10 pieces, she is able to reopen her store.


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  1. If Link does not speak to Isha until after completing the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest, she claims not to have the time to greet people since she is expecting a big rush of customers.[6] She laments her misfortune ocurring when it did.[7]
  2. If Link tries to give Isha less than 10 pieces of Flint, she appreciates the gesture, but she claims that she is unable to start without a total of 10 pieces.[15]


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