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Greenthings!, greetings!
Welcome to EzloSpirit's Cardboard Box!

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Real NameEden
GenderHell if I know
Pronounsthey/them(self)/their OR Spivak
BirthdayFebruary 28
LocationNew Jersey, USA
Time ZoneEastern
Wiki Meta
Join Date2009
  • Music/songs
  • Templates/Modules
  • Proofreading/minor edits
  • HW + AoC
Zelda Meta
Favorite Zelda Game(s)
Favorite Character(s)
First Zelda GameA Link to the Past & Four Swords
Nintendo SwitchSW-6961-7847-4389
Nintendo 3DS[to be added]

Who Is EzloSpirit?

Wow, what a deep question. Do you have about seven hours to spare? No? Okay, then I'll paraphrase.

Hi! I'm Eden, better known 'round these parts as EzloSpirit (they/them(self)/their OR Spivak pronouns). I have been a Zelda fan since playing Twilight Princess on the Wii in 2007, though I had previously played A Link to the Past & Four Swords. My favorite aspects of the series are the exploration and the music. Hestu is the bestu.

I was an admin here from 2015 to 2018, during which time I contributed a bunch of content about Pure Awesome. I have been a member of the Zelda Universe community through its forums for over half of my life, becoming active in 2009 and remaining active in some capacity almost constantly since then. I was a contributor to the original incarnation of ZU's podcast for several years until its demise, and then I served as Executive Producer for almost five years (2018-2023). In addition, I moderated the old Writing forum on ZU for several months in the early 2010s and am the current moderator of its successor, the Creative Corner; I also serve as a developer for the ZU Forums. With all of these roles wearing me out, I stepped down from Zelda Wiki. After stepping away from the podcast in 2023, I briefly returned to the wiki before leaving again due to dissatisfaction with the new "Terminology" systems and article organization policies.

I play Nintendo and PC games exclusively (not counting the odd mobile game). My favorite Pokémon is Togepi, and Kirby is squishy. My favorite non-Nintendo franchises are Dynasty Warriors and The Elder Scrolls. I am a sucker for exploration and cute things. (Where is my open-world Togepi game?)

IRL, I am a librarian at a public library. I got my B.S. in Information Systems from Elizabethtown College, and I got my M.I. (Master of Information) from Rutgers University. I am a CompTIA A+-certified technician, and other people's electronic devices love me. (My own hate me.) Besides gaming, I like reading, writing, singing, and derping. Cats are amazing, little furbabies (and hairless ones are amazing, little skinbabies). I am queer and neurodivergent. I enjoy studying languages and have learned Spanish, German, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese…so far. I also enjoy coding pointless things in Python and poking around in relational databases. Dewey Decimal whoops butt all over Library of Congress; both are bad.

Owned Zelda Music

I have paid for (or been gifted) all of these. Music subscriptions are for suckers. ;D

Official Soundtracks

Arrangement Albums

  • Twilight Symphony (ZREO)
  • Fair Winds & Following Seas (ZREO: Second Quest)
  • Time's End & Time's End II (Theophany)