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Armes is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Armes is a Hylian resident of Lurelin Village, who can be seen carrying a Boat Oar. He is a fisherman by trade, but he claims that he is unable to go fishing when it Rains.[1] This is due to the strength of the Wind making it difficult to control boats.[3] During such times, he says all he can do is gamble at Cloyne's shop.[4]

On days with sunny Weather, Armes can be found at the Campfire on the beach near the Merchant Boat. He will tell Link that the Fish roasting there look delicious, explaining that he is the one who caught them.[5] If Link speaks to him after examining the Fish, Armes will allow Link to take some, stating that he Cooked too many for himself.[6] Afterwards, he will ask Link if he ate the Fish.[7] Should Link say yes, Armes states that they are the pride of Lurelin Village.[8]

Armes will also ask Link if he has ever been sailing on a Raft.[9] If Link replies that he has not, Armes will explain that the Wind direction is critical to controlling a Raft.[10] He also reveals he has heard of an Item called a Korok Leaf that can help people control the Wind.[11] If Link says he has sailed a Raft before, Armes will comment that he never would have guessed based on his appearance.[12] He reminds Link to be careful at sea, as the Wind can leave one stranded quickly.[13]


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