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Bozai is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Bozai is a Hylian man who spends his days outside of Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert. He's the giver of two Side Quests, "The Eighth Heroine" and "The Forgotten Sword".

Bozai is 35 years old and loves jogging on sand.[3] He believes that Link is a woman when he is wearing the Gerudo Outfit and has a strong romantic affinity for him.[4] Bozai behaves rudely to Link if he is not disguised as a woman, saying that he would only consider giving him his Sand Boots if he were a girl.[5]

Link can first find Bozai sometimes running around the Gerudo Desert in front of Gerudo Town if the Camera Rune has already been unlocked as it will be required for completing his quest. If he's spoken to while wearing the Gerudo Outfit, Bozai will introduce himself to Link, making note that he is single and loves jogging on sand.[3] When Link asks for Bozai's Sand Boots, he agrees to give them to Link in exchange for a favor.[6] Bozai then explains that while everyone has heard of The Seven Heroines, there is also a legend of an Eighth Heroine in the northern Gerudo Highlands that has been wiped from history.[7][8] Bozai promises to give Link his Sand Boots if he shows him a Picture of the Eighth Heroine.[9][10]

Before he finishes speaking, Bozai lends Link his pair of Snow Boots for faster traversal through the northern Gerudo Highlands.[11] This begins the Side Quest "The Eighth Heroine".

After taking a Picture of the Statue of the Eighth Heroine in the Gerudo Highlands with his Sheikah Slate, Link returns to Bozai to show him the Picture. Bozai is glad to see Link is safe after starting to worry he would never return.[12] Bozai then admits that the Eighth Heroine does not exist and only used it as an excuse to get close to Link.[13] Bozai vows not to put Link in danger anymore and be his protector,[14] before Link interrupts him to tell him he found the Statue. Thinking Link is merely trying to console him,[15] Bozai says that Link is kind, but that there is no need to coddle him.[16][17]

Link interrupts Bozai again to show him the Picture of the Statue and Bozai is shocked that the Eighth Heroine exists.[18] Bozai promises not to tell anyone and that it will be their little secret.[19][20] Bozai begins to ask Link for romantic involvement before Link interrupts him, asking for the Sand Boots he was promised.[21] Bozai takes the Sand Boots off and gives them to Link,[22] telling him to treat them tenderly.[23] Bozai then requests for his Snow Boots back and Link returns them.[24] Before leaving, Bozai invites Link to join him later at the nearby tent.[25] Link says bye without answering the question and the Side Quest is completed.

After the completion of "The Eighth Heroine", Bozai can be found at a tent outside of the front of Gerudo Town. Speaking to Bozai here will begin "The Forgotten Sword" Side Quest. Like "The Eighth Heroine", Link must be wearing the Gerudo Outfit to initiate the Quest. When Link speaks to him, Bozai is surprised that Link arrived.[26] After Bozai asks him if he wants to "hang out,"[27] Link immediately asks for Bozai's Snow Boots.[28] Bozai mocks Link for a "boot thirst that cannot be slaked."[29]

While Bozai does not like the idea of being stuck without footwear,[30] he admits that he cannot resist a request from Link.[31] Bozai tells Link that he will give him the Snow Boots if he is able to surprise him again.[32] Bozai then explains that the Statue of the Eighth Heroine is not holding a sword like the other Seven Heroines.[33][34] Bozai believes that the Statue once had a sword and feels that evidence of its existence would be a great surprise.[35][36] Link agrees to go look for it to Bozai's surprise and Bozai says that it could not have been carried off too far,[37] likely residing on the steeps of the Gerudo Highlands.[38] Before he finishes speaking, Bozai is sorry that he cannot lend Link his Snow Boots this time and tells Link to find him if he needs anything beyond footwear.[39][40]

After taking a Picture of the sword in the Gerudo Highlands with his Sheikah Slate, Link returns to Bozai at the tent. Bozai says that a traveler swore he saw Link in the Gerudo Highlands, which made him worry because he did not think Link would really go to the Highlands without Snow Boots.[41][42] To Bozai's shock, Link shows him the Picture of the sword.[43] Stating that Link risked his life for the Picture,[44] Bozai admits that it would be uncouth of him to break his promise and gives Link the Snow Boots.[45][46] Although stuck barefoot,[47] Bozai is happy that Link is happy.[48] Before Link ends the conversation, Bozai confesses that all of this has endeared him even closer to Link and the Quest is completed.[49]

If Link talks to Bozai directly after the Quest, he will ask permission to gaze at Link until he leaves and wishes to never forget Link's appearance.[50][51] If Link speaks to Bozai again without wearing the Gerudo Outfit, he confesses about his amorous misadventure.[52] If Link returns to the tent later, Bozai will not be there and is never seen again.


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Bozai (BotW)
  • ボテンサ (Botensa) (BotW)
  • ボテンサ (TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
伯騰薩 (Bóténgsà) (BotW | TotK)
The People's Republic of China
伯腾萨 (Bóténgsà) (BotW | TotK)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Bozai (BotW)
Tuska (BotW | TotK)
The French Republic
Tuska (BotW | TotK)
The Federal Republic of Germany
Tuska (BotW | TotK)
The Italian Republic
Boten (BotW | TotK)
The Republic of Korea
보텐사 (TotK)
Latin America
Botenk (BotW)
The Kingdom of Spain
Botenk (BotW | TotK)
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