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Dina is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]


The Minish Cap

Dina is a teacher at Funday School in Hyrule Town in The Minish Cap, along with her twin Tina.[4] Throughout the game, she stands in front of the School and will not let Link through,[5] citing the important lessons going on inside,[6] such as Hyrulean literature and math.[7][8]

After Link obtains the Water Element from the Temple of Droplets and sees the spirit of Gustaf for the first time, Funday School lets the children out for recess and the building becomes accessible.[9]

Breath of the Wild

Dina is a young Gerudo who attends Ashai's classes in Gerudo Town in Breath of the Wild. She considers all the learning she does to be a pain in a neck but asks Link not tell anyone she said so.[10] One her way to the Cooking class, she insists that she needs to pay attention this time.[11] She also asks Link to try attending their classes with them.[12]

If Link speaks to Dina in the Relationship Classroom before the "Voe and You" class begins, she asks Link for his opinion of her lipstick.[13] Dina then explains that the color of lipstick is important in bringing good luck.[14] If Link asks how the color affects luck, Dina stutters nervously and says that she is learning that next.[15] If Link says it looks good on her, Dina exclaims that she can feel the lipstick working already.[16]

During the "Voe and You" class, Ashai asks her students what to do when a "handsome voe" approaches them on the street.[17] Dina is the second to stand up and share her solution, saying that she would enthusiastically greet the man and approach with her hands empty.[18] Ashai praises Dina for her optimistic approach, adding that friendliness is a great way to relax others.[19]

Next, Ashai asks her class what they would do if they found an injured man lying on the ground.[20] Once again, Dina stands second, claiming she would make a medicine to treat him with.[21] Ashai considers this a great answer, though she reminds Dina to check for allergies.[22]

Ashai's final scenario for her class is what they would do if they're approached by a man whose attention they have sought.[23] Dina states she would try to determine his social standing based on his clothing.[24] Ashai thinks this is a good idea, but she reminds her that people may wear more casual clothes if their good ones are dirty.[25]

If Link speaks to Dina while she is attending Ashai's Cooking Class at night, she complains that she is only able to make Dubious Food.[26] If Link asks her about Dubious Food, she explains that adding Insects or Monster Parts to a meal causes it to become Dubious Food.[27] She feels that there is nothing dubious about how inedible Dubious Food is.[28] Dina has learned in Class that the quickest way to someone's heart is through their stomach.[29] If Link attempts to read Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 2 while Dina is at the Class, she will notice that the Book is too high up for him to read and offer to read it for him.[30]

Tears of the Kingdom


Dina is a variation of the name "Dinah."[31] Dina is also a nickname for names such as "Bernardina" or "Ondina."[32] In Arabic, Dina potentially derives from din, meaning "religion."[33]

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Dina (BotW)
  • ディショーナ (Dishōna) (BotW)
  • ディショーナ (TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
狄秀娜 (Díxiùnà) (BotW | TotK)
The People's Republic of China
狄秀娜 (Díxiùnà) (BotW | TotK)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Dina (BotW)
Danaha (BotW | TotK)
The French Republic
Danaha (BotW | TotK)
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Edwina (TMC)[35]
  • Dina (BotW | TotK)
The Italian Republic
  • Mimina (TMC)[34]
  • Dishona (BotW | TotK)
The Republic of Korea
디쇼나 (TotK)
Latin America
Dinea (BotW)
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Minmin (TMC)[36]
  • Dinea (BotW | TotK)
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