Ends of the Earth Station

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The Ends of the Earth Station is a location in Spirit Tracks.[1]


The Ends of the Earth Station can only be accessed after Link brings five Cuccos to Rael in the Sand Sanctuary. As a sign of gratitude, he will reward the young hero with Force Gem 20 which reveals the Spirit Tracks to the Ends of the Earth Station.

Features and Rules

In this Station are three caverns featuring intricate block puzzles, similar to ones seen in the Sand Temple, that require aid of the Sand Wand. The levels are called Brainteaser,[2] Braintwister,[3] and Brainmasher Block Puzzles,[4] with their names being a sort of "beginner, intermediate, and expert" indicator. Each level contains three puzzles. After completing the levels, Link will gain access to Treasure Chests containing a common Treasure, a Heart Container, and a rare Treasure, respectively. Princess Zelda will then compliment Link's puzzle-solving skills.[5] Moreover, the young hero will also find a Treasure Chest containing a Big Green Rupee on his way out of each cavern.


In the European version, a small reference to A Link to the Past is made here: Brainteaser, Braintwister and Brainmasher puzzles each have a small inscription referencing to different swords of A Link to the Past. Brainteaser is said to be for Master Puzzlers (Master Sword), Braintwister for Tempered Puzzlers (Master Sword Lv2) and Brainmasher for Golden Puzzlers (Master Sword Lv3).


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The People's Republic of China
远隐车站 (Yuǎn yǐn chēzhàn)[11] 
Gare du bout du mondeEnd of the world station
The French Republic
Gare du bout du monde[8]End of the world station
The Federal Republic of Germany
Entlegener Geheimbahnhof[7] 
The Italian Republic
Alla fine del mondo[6] 
Latin America
Andén oculto legendario[10] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Andén oculto Legendario[9] 
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