Frog's Song of Soul

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The "Frog's Song of Soul" is a Song in Link's Awakening.[1][2] It has the ability to resurrect the dead or awaken the asleep.[1]

Learning Location and Uses

Link can learn the song from Mamu and his Frog choir by completing the puzzle in Signpost Maze after obtaining the Hookshot in Catfish's Maw.[3] However, according to Mamu, the song is a previously unreleased cut, and Link will have to pay 300 Rupees in order to listen to it.[4] Its main purpose is to revive the Flying Rooster whose skeleton lies under the Weathercock in Mabe Village,[5] granting Link access to the majority of the Tal Tal Mountain Range and Eagle's Tower. Later on during his quest, Link must play the song once more in order to awaken Turtle Rock, subsequently opening the entrance to the dungeon of the same name.[6]


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Frog's Song of Soul (LA | LADX)[7]
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Other Names

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Frog Song of Soul[8]
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Frog Song of Soul[8]
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Frog Song of Soul[8]
Frog Song of Soul[8]


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