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The Garo's Mask is an item in Majora's Mask.[1] It a mask that resembles the head of a Garo in Majora's Mask and the head of a Garo Master in Majora's Mask 3D.

Location and Uses

Happy Mask Salesman's Commenthide ▲
Happy Mask Salesman says:

That's the Garo's Mask, isn't it?

If you have that mask, you must be one with quite a bit of courage.

The Mask is given to Link by the Gorman Brothers.[2] To obtain it, he must go to the Gorman Track once he has Epona, and ask to race against them for 10 Rupees.[3] If Link wins, they will award him with the Garo's Mask.[4]

Wearing it allows entry into Ikana Canyon,[5] as well as the ability to encounter and battle Garo Ninjas. If defeated, the Garo Ninja will reward Link with a tip that may help him on his quest.[6]

If a ReDead sees the Mask, it will start dancing, allowing Link to walk past it without being attacked.[7]


  • This is one of the few duplicated masks in the game. The other masks with this characteristic are the Keaton Mask, which each of the Bombers claim to have, Romani's Mask, which is owned by all customers of Latte, the Couple's Mask, which is a symbol of marriage, and Kafei's Mask, which Anju also has.
  • The Garo's Mask is one of seven masks that are necessary to complete the game, the others being the three transformation masks, the Gibdo Mask, the Captain's Hat, and the Giant's Mask.
  • The Gorman Brothers also appear to be wearing Garo's Masks when they sabotage Cremia on the Second Night.


Names in Other Regions
ガロのお面 (Garo no Omen) (MM)[10]Same as English.
The French Republic
Cagoule Garo (MM3D)[12]Garo Hood
The Federal Republic of Germany
Garos Maske (MM)[11]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
  • Cappuccio di Garo (MM)[8]
  • Cappuccio Garo (MM3D)[9]
  • Garo's Hood
  • Garo's hood
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