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The Horde Battle is a Boss in Skyward Sword.[1][2]


The Horde Battle is a large-scale battle that occurs at the large spiral pit of the Sealed Grounds. The event is Ghirahim's attempt to prevent Link from interfering with his ritual, planned to use Zelda's soul to revive Demise. Ghirahim summons the Hordes of demons that are under his command, including all types of Bokoblins, Shield Moblins, and Stalfos.[3] However, the demons fail from stopping Link from reaching Ghirahim before the ritual is complete.


The Horde Battle pits Link against Hordes of demons and involves five separate waves. Each wave increases in difficulty and includes a larger variety of enemies. Every wave ends with a barrier that will only open if Link defeats the enemies that are summoned upon arrival at the barrier.

  • The first wave pits Link against a large number of regular Red Bokoblins and ends with a barrier guarded by five red Bokoblin Leaders.
  • The second wave includes weapon-wielding Red Bokoblins and Bokoblins with Bombs. The barrier at the end of the wave is protected by three Wooden Shield Moblins.
  • The third wave includes Bokoblins carrying Swords and Bombs, but also features Bokoblin Archers. The barricade is guarded by a Blue Bokoblin that can run through the walls that block the hero's path.
  • The fourth wave includes both weapon and Bomb wielding Bokoblins, Bokoblin Archers, and red Bokoblin Leaders. The barricade is guarded by two Stalfos.
  • The final wave pits Link against every variety of Bokoblins, including Moblins.

After Link completes both the Horde Battle and a subsequent battle with Ghirahim, he can replay the Horde Battle as an event in Lanayru's Lightning Round.

Involved Enemies



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The Federal Republic of Germany
Ghirahims Armee (SS)[4]Ghirahim's Army
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